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An Analysis of Miley Cyrus

I'm kinda surprised how well my JB post went over. I guess people like seeing the person behind the mask. I know I do. That's why I hang out on

Since it was so fun to write, here's another one. This one's about another notorious ESFP of my generation, Miss Miley Cyrus. I see her as kind of an inside-out version of me. I can identify with everything she does but my persona is not as "much" as hers is. Turns out we are similar personality-wise too, but with a few differences.

Miley's Enneagram

Resembling mine, but more identity-focused and intense, hers is...

4w3 7w8 8w7 sx/so (ESFP)

And since I can't understand people without comparing them to myself and vice versa (must be an so/sx thing)...

Me: 7w8 4w3 8w9 so/sx
748 - The Originator. Flamboyant, cutting edge, first to see things, needs to get message out. Follows own muse, original and immovable.
Miley: 4w3 7w8 8w7 sx/so
478 - The Intense Individualist. Assertive, individualistic and optimistic. Emphasis on inspiration, freedom and diversity.

Remember that each individual type is not enough to describe someone, it's also about how they all work together. Each number is influenced by the ones that precede it.

The following quotes are from Miley's 2014 Elle Magazine Interview:


"People have made me seem like a character. So now I'm just enjoying playing a character of myself."

"I don't understand how most pop stars live this life being told what to do, what to wear, all the time. Maybe money does mean more to some people."

"Sometimes when I'm in the studio I feel so much but don't know how to express it."

"I lost a lot of friends, 'cause my friends didn't understand why I was so 24-7 and only knew how to say what I wanted through music. I'm not a good communicator."

"[Fans] know that I've struggled with depression, and that helped them get over theirs. That gives me a big purpose."

On depression: "It's more of an issue than people really want to talk about. Because people don't know how to talk about being depressed... It was a lot to do with, like, I had really bad skin, and I felt really bullied because of that. But I was never depressed because of the way someone else made me feel, I just was depressed."

"There's not much that I'm closed off about, and the universe gave me all that so I could help people feel like they don't have to be something they're not... There's nothing worse than being fake happy."

"I'll just write a verse and a chorus, just to get me through the day."

"[On this tour] I've had people that have worked on The Wall... I try really hard to impress those dudes. I don't want them to think I'm just some dumb pop bitch."

"I don't think you can be too ashamed of anything as long as you were being yourself."

"You can ask me anything - I'll never be offended."


"I'm 21, I want to be out there drinking and hanging out, but I can't. And being on tour is totally like a drug - you're really high off the energy and then you just crash - you go from 20,000 people screaming like, 'I love you! I love you!' and then you're just in your hotel room by yourself, quiet."

"I'm always pretty much joking."

"I hear what you say and I'm gonna do the opposite. Because you're old and you're a man, and I'm young and I'm a girl and I know that's right." (also 8w7)

"I sit with a lot of old people that try to get me to explain culture. I'm like, 'I don't know how - you're just not living in the same world I'm living in.'"

"I just think old people - I feel bad that I call them old, 'cause they're probably in their thirties or forties - but they just don't understand it."


"When I do things that would get someone old to shake their head, my fans go ape shit. Like when we bend over or take our shirts off, we're giving them that freedom."

"I'm honored to be that girl that gets people out of their comfort zone."

"I tell a lot of people this, but I don't give a fuck."

"I kind of demand that people respect the fact that I'm a kid."


"I've just got to make sure that I'm the voice of my generation. I think that I'm allowing girls to be really free with their sexuality."

"The only thing I ever really think about is with relationships, because you're getting to know someone and it gets thrown off. It becomes this [public] thing - it becomes really embarrassing."

"I'm not really trying to be sexy."

4w3, the "characters" of the enneagram

As you might've noticed, Miley is much more open about herself than Justin. Aaand here's why.


4 is about identity and self-discovery. 3 is about image projection. They're both ruled by emotions/feelings, a.k.a. heart types. Where 3w4s identify with the work they do, 4w3s use their work to express their identity. They won't compromise their identity for the sake of success. The catch-22 of that is the only way they can express themselves is through the work they do, the concrete things they add to society. They have to create a product of their emotions in order to fully understand them. Which is why a lot of 4w3s seem like caricatures of themselves (especially intense sx-doms) - their emotions rule how they present themselves to society.

4's identity is completely tied to their emotions. The emotional experiences they go through become part of their identity, and they need to be expressed through 3. This is why Miley's so open about her depression. That along with being one of the Messenger tritypes (4-7-8). She needs society to accept her identity/emotions, just like 3w4s need society to confirm their emotions/identity are authentic.

Miley looks like a 7w8 on the surface, but the quote about nothing being worse than fake happiness (7 needs to be happy) confirms she prioritizes authenticity over happiness.

7 wants all the things


7w8 needs intense new experiences. For Miley those are expressed through 4w3, or her work. All her songs about partying and lifestyle, that's all 7w8 stuff. 7w8 is a very light-hearted personality in general. Fun, doesn't take itself or others too seriously, willing to experiment. Filtered through 4w3, it allows Miley to create a huge chaotic spectacle of her performances. 7w8 likes to play with people to get reactions out of them. 8w7 does too, but it's more forceful than playful. A 487 Miley would be a much more abrasive Miley.

Miley also identifies with (4) being eternally young (7). Like I said in Justin's post, 7s are like eternal children, forever fascinated with everything the world has to offer. She demands (8) that people see her (4w3) as a kid (7).

8, 'nuff said


8w7 reinforces 7w8, though her 7 always takes precedent. 8w7 is like the balls behind Miley's personality. It compels her to get out there and get her point across. 8 is a force to be reckoned with, and 8w7 actively seeks out opposition to knock down. Miley doesn't want to just get a message across, she wants you to know her intentions so she can plow through you if you oppose what she's trying to do. She doesn't just put herself out there, she purposely tries to provoke the opposition (old people) to further her cause. The more people oppose her, the more she acts out. As opposed to 8w9 who ignores the opposition until they get in their way.


Sx-doms have an inescapable sexual aura to them. They can't help but emanate intensity, they have a very alluring quality to them. They're also the type of people you can't not have an opinion about. People who are missing this instinct (so/sp or sp/so) come across completely disconnected from their sexuality.

Sx/so variants tend to represent an extreme example of their personality. They quite literally have nothing to hide. Sx/so's send out a message with their personality. They use their personality as an agent of change. For Miley, it's about freedom of sexual expression and being true to yourself.

So all that said, what do we know about Miley? Well for one thing, she really can't stop, and she really won't stop. She actually is about that life. I guess you could say she's... just being Miley.

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An Analysis of Justin Bieber

Oh I know you guys love how much I bring up Justin Bieber so I'm here to tell you more about him.

In the past two days someone gave me Justin's Never Say Never DVD and someone else gave me this month's issue of Men's Health with him on the cover:

It's like people just associate me with Justin Bieber. They see him they think of me. I am that girl who likes Justin Bieber. I really don't like him that much. I think I just identify with him so I reference him a lot. My friend told me we're pretty much the same person. I'm not gonna argue with that. In fact I'm here to tell you why, in enneagram terms, because the article in here reveals a lot about him in just a few words. There's one minor difference between us though, minor but significant. It's been something I've been for lack of better terms "struggling with" lately in terms of figuring out my identity (that's a hint btw).

Justin's Enneagram

I'm going to explain his personality in terms of numbers. This should be fun. So, here is the final verdict on Justin Bieber's enneagram:

7w8 3w4 8w9 so/sx (ESFP)

And here's mine for reference: 7w8 4w3 8w9 so/sx (ESFP). So my friend is not completely off base.

Hey girl, you're just my type ;)

First I'll show you how I arrived at this with quotes from the article.

"It's funny, I still a kid. I just still feel young. I don't feel like I'm almost 21."

"Chugging Red Bulls. Me and this guy. Like, chugging eight Red Bulls for fun."

"There's a part of me that I don't ever want to grow up. I want to always have that sense of purity inside of me where I don't...I don't want to lose that sense of purity."

Does several impressions.

"Maybe that's a cover-up for me not being tough. Like the tattoos and stuff? Maybe that's like a cover for me being a softy."

Admires and takes career cues from Michael Jackson.

"I'm a perfectionist too. It has to do maybe with, before, probably being accepted. You know, maybe people would like me if I was good at things. But then I'm also really just competitive and I like to win. I wasn't fit for school. They make it so everyone's the same and I was so different and creative."

("You're a nonconformist.") "Yeah. I've always been different, and I haven't been afraid to be different."

"I do aspire to be a class act."

"Wait, wait, do you think I'm being authentic right now?"

Says he beat up two of his bullies in 6th grade. "I was a pit bull. I was small, but I could hold my own."

Story about how he brought a flashlight to a club and scanned the girls and held it on the ones he liked for his bodyguards to go fetch them. "There was a minute where I abused that. Used my power."

No quotes for this, just listen to his songs. Compare to Miley Cyrus who is ESFP sx/so, you'll see a difference in intensity (sx). The songs are all ultimately about sx connections but from a generalized so perspective.

7s about that good-times life

Now for the boring explanation. If you don't wanna read it the tl;dr is "I'm right."

7 in general is about new experiences and needing constant stimulation. 7w8 is more independent and assertive than 7w6 who is more focused on group mentality and safety. 7 needs to be happy. They will do anything to escape negative feelings. This is why they seem constantly on the go, always "on". It's also why they seem immature and eternally young, which is what the first and third quote are. As I said, they'll do anything just for the experience. Just cuz it's fun. That's the Red Bull quote. Along with pretty much everything else he does.

The last quote is a bit trickier. 7s are often multi-talented. This is because they're very adept at mirroring, or watching someone do something and emulating it themselves. They also have a conversational style of anecdotes and humor. So this manifests as him randomly going in and out of character during conversation. This mirroring is confused with 3's wanting to project an image, especially when combined with so instinct. Nope, all different things.

3: Am I thugging? This is what you guys do, right?

Aha, so this is the part where we differ. 3w4 and 4w3 are very similar in that both have an internal (4) and external (3) identity battle going on. Both have an image to maintain. The main difference being that 3w4s have an external, societally-chosen image that they confuse with their own authentic image. And 4w3s have an internally-chosen image that they try to adapt to societal standards without compromising it. Yes that's right kids I'm part 4. I have a mild case of special snowflake syndrome and I keep it hidden because I want you guys to like me. So in a way we are mirror images of each other. Each has what the other wants. Here's the difference in tritype terms:

738 - The Trailblazer. Creative and focused leader. Likes trying new things, finding new and fun pathways. 
748 - The Originator. Flamboyant, cutting edge, first to see things, needs to get message out. Follows own muse, original and immovable.

Now that that's out of the way. First quote. Justin is looking for a societal explanation for his 4 identity. He knows the 3 image he wants to project but he doesn't actually know the 4 meaning behind the image. Second, identifies with (4) one of the most successful (3) pop stars of all time. He has a concrete image he models himself after. 4w3 doesn't do this so much as take random traits of people's identities that they admire, people who they personally deem "successful" (3) at being authentic (4), and "introject" them - basically add them on to their external personality (3). Bitch. See what I did there.

3w4 needs success and needs to win. They also need to be accepted for who they are (4) but that's second on the priority list. 3w4s have a definite external image that they confuse with their internal image. They need to tell you they're authentic and you need to confirm it to validate their identity or else something got lost in translation (see: tattoo quote). They didn't interpret their outside 3 identity correctly. What's a nicer way to say that... Success is their identity, and so is public approval. They need to stand out and succeed by being their own unique version of a pre-made role in society (Justin's role = teen heartthrob). If that is accomplished, they're being true to themselves. 4w3 won't sacrifice identity for success but 3w4 will assume a new identity because success is the end goal (their "true" identity).

8s never say never...

The last number in the tritype doesn't have a whole lot of influence. It only visibly comes out during times of high emotion. It just gives a backbone for how the other types manifest.

8w7 and 8w9 are like the active and passive reactors. They both assert dominance. One actively looks for new things/people/experiences to dominate (8w7), while one is more grounded and only becomes aggressive when people/things threaten them (8w9). Such is the case with the bullying.

As for the flashlight situation. The last number is not always used in a healthy way, it's more like an all-or-nothing version of it. From my experience. Note I am not well-versed in tritype theory, I'm explaining this from how I experience it and expect another person very similar to me would as well. So flashlight girls. When a type is unhealthy they exhibit unhealthy behaviors. Naturally. The unhealthy behaviors of an 8 include abuse of power, intimidation, aggressiveness, manipulation, insensitivity... getting the picture? As I said, healthy 8w9s will only go on the attack when they're being threatened, like the bully incident. And all the incidents with him and the paparazzi.

So there. Justin Bieber and I are the same except I am more special and he is a product. But, 3s still win at the end of the day. Hey, at least I'm not a sell-out. I guess.

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ESFPs and Enneagram

Damn I was on a roll for a while with new posts. Lately I haven't been able to come up with shit. Or maybe I'm just unmotivated. I've been bored as fuck lately so I've been busy getting myself in trouble. There's an explanation for that though and you'll find it in this post.

I've been getting more and more into enneagram lately. It's scary how much this 7 shit applies to me. All of it. Reading about it is like having someone reach into my soul and pull out its guts for everyone to see. I'm not sure what to do with them exactly but they're cool to look at I guess.

ESFP + (enneagram)

Us ESFPs are complex creatures. Just when you think you have us all figured out you come across an ESFP scientist or some shit and you're like what? Se+Fi is a pretty versatile combination. And people underestimate our use of Te.

Here is where enneagram comes in. Enneagram is like the "why" to MBTI's "what". It has a ton of influence on how each MBTI type manifests. I will say I have not met ESFPs of all enneagram types but I have met ESFPs, I am an ESFP, I have met all enneagram types, and I can give a rough idea what I think each combination would look like. So that's what I'm gonna do. I left out 1 and 5 because, well, ESFP 1 and 5 don't exist.


Type 2 ESFP is gonna look a lot like an ESFJ. They'll probably be mistyped. Type 2 wants to help people. Or they want you to think that anyway. They actually want you to depend on them for help. When they're unhealthy they'll turn to manipulation to make you feel guilty, and they won't even realize they're doing it. My mom is a type 2. Sigh. They do make good friends though when they're healthy.


Type 3 is one of the most common for ESFP thanks to Se. Three is about image and high status. Being seen a certain way. These ESFPs are gonna be pretty driven. They're gonna wear a lot of brand names and show off too. They'll also usually be fairly good-looking, even more than your typical hot ESFP (see: all my Hot Guy articles). Life is literally a stage for ESFP 3.  Three has some identity issues though since they define themselves by their success and whatever they think they should be. Success doesn't matter so much as the appearance of success.


Four is about identity and self-discovery. It's common for ENFPs and ISFPs but not so common for ESFPs, though it's not unheard of. Four is correlated with Fi. ESFP 4s are gonna be very creative types. Four needs to express itself somehow. They'll be very open with their feelings, or at least very in tune with them. ESFP 4s will also have a distinct "look" to them and will get irritated when people try to copy it. An ESFP 4 will typically be attention-hungry since they need to stand out.


ESFP 6 is somewhat common. Sixes want security. ESFP 6s want security in relationships. There is also something called a counter-phobic 6 who basically goes against all their tendencies and face threats head-on. A good amount of ESFP 6s are counter-phobic. An obvious example would be Jesse Pinkman. There's often a nervous energy to ESFP 6s, especially if they're 6w7 (most common). They'll be very loyal friends but somewhat exclusive in their friendship choices.


This is probably the most common ESFP. I'm a 7. This is your stereotypical throw-caution-to-the-wind ESFP who does whatever the fuck they want. Anything and everything. Life is just like a big conglomeration of new opportunities and experiences and they go after all of them. May be confused with ENFP due to their low attention spans. These ESFPs are gonna be very impulsive and flighty, and prone to commitment issues. They'll also be very energetic. Being 7 is like being a drug addict but with new experiences/people. Some do in fact develop substance addictions.


ESFP 8 is often mistaken for ESTP. Very heavy on the Se, very volatile. Not too common but not out of the question. They're pretty tough and they have that take-no-prisoner attitude. Which is basically what 8 is. I'm gonna do what I want and you're gonna get the fuck out of my way. Driven and focused. Pink is an ESFP 8. ESFP 8s thrive on intensity and if there is none, they'll make some. May be prone to stirring up drama. They also thrive on intense emotions - anger and lust - and suppress their "weak" emotions.


Type 9 is gonna make for a more ISFP-like ESFP. Nine isn't exactly introverted, just... laid-back. They go with the flow. These ESFPs aren't gonna have too many ambitions other than whatever presents itself to them. Very easygoing and likable ESFPs. Also very conflict-avoidant and will probably physically leave the area if there is an argument. The stereotypical "good vibes only" California surfer type would probably be an ESFP 9.

For more stuff about enneagram, these are the sites I refer to:

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Hot Girl MBTI: Spring Breakers Cast

So I've kind of been avoiding doing a girl version of Hot Guy MBTI, just because I really don't care about girls. And I don't really want them on my blog. Plus there aren't many famous girls I find legit attractive because they all seem high maintenance and not like anyone I'd wanna hang out with.

But. Spring Breakers managed to put pretty much all my girl crushes in one movie, so this post is dedicated to them. Except that one girl no one knows. I think she just got a part because it was her sister's movie. Since I'm doing three in one the descriptions are gonna be shorter, but don't worry I included a bunch of hot pics to make up for it.

Unrelated: I updated the Justin Bieber post and changed his enneagram after someone convinced me otherwise. Turns out we have the exact, same, personality. Great. Nevermind, it's *slightly* different... still though.

Alright. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Selena Gomez. Let's get it on. I mean not like that though. Yeah.

Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa's one of the rare chill ESFJs in Hollywood. She is exactly the kinda girl I'd hang out with. She's completely comfortable in her own skin. She's her own person. If I were a famous dude she'd be on the top of my prospect list.

On the outside Vanessa comes across ESFP as fuck. Watch her in interviews though and it's pretty easy to tell Fe is her dominant function:

See how affable and warm she seems, how expressive her face is, etc. 100% Fe. Not to mention her Instagram account, which is full of pictures of the same thing. Fe has a different way of connecting with the camera than Fi. Put it this way: Fe is interested in the camera, Fi is interested in itself.

Fe: the origin of duckface

This one's not as easy to distinguish, it's more implied. Fe-Si is generally more outgoing and animated than Fe-Ni. Might have to do with that lively Ne that follows. People tend to underestimate the usage/influence of the tertiary function.

7w8 so/sx

I'm pretty sure this is why Vanessa comes off ESFP. She's not as much into her image (heart type). She's just out to have a good time. 7w8 is probably one of the wildest enneagrams. Our motto is pretty much, get out of my way so I can do what I want. But being an so-dom along with a Fe-dom, she still is conscious of how she comes off to others. I don't see much self-pres in her. She seems relationship-oriented. So/sx. No wonder I like her, we're the same type.

Ashley Benson


I feel like Ashley and I might get along and we might not. It's because I see a whole bunch of myself in her. The way she carries herself, the way she talks, her expressions, etc. I don't think I'd get along with myself. I know me too well. I know the kinda shit I pull and how I think. It'd be one of those friendships that would always be on the border of frenemy territory. But she is still undeniably hot.

Ashley definitely gives off a casual vibe. I know because I recognize it in myself and a lot of the people I've hung out with, all of whom are... SPs. Yep. It's in the gait. We're very comfortable in our environment.

You can see in this interview how she uses it as well. Notice how Selena came up with a backstory (Si) and gave herself a role in the group (Fe). Ashley defined her character by watching videos of real people and emulating them (Se), identifying them with her character (Fi).

See, she even smiles the same as I do. That's that cunning Fi smile not letting anyone in on what they're thinking. Or feeling, I guess. Fi is kind of in its own little world while simultaneously being part of the external world. It's kinda hard to explain. Like a live-action fantasy or something.

Remember the stuff I said about Fe and Fi's relationship with the camera? Actually this is gonna be hard to describe to a non-Se type, since a lot of the stuff I notice I take for granted. Vanessa (Fe) is completely connected to the camera. But Ashley (Fi) is still a part of the "real world," the camera's just capturing her in it.

Man, this movie is like a Se/Fi fest. Everything about it is visually on point. The outfits look exactly like shit I could pull out of my closet right now. The setting is beautiful. The scenes have this sexy ISFP vibe to them that make the words not matter. The plot could have used improvement, but that's because it came secondary to all the eye candy that made this movie awesome as fuck. It is an ISFP movie after all. Ok back on topic.

7w8 so/sx

I swear I'm not trying to type everyone I relate to as my type. I make an effort not to do that. But Ashley doesn't seem uptight or into herself enough to be a heart type, and she doesn't resemble any of the body types either. 7 is the closest, plus it's typical for ESFP. She's more independent/self-assured than a 6 wing. But not nearly intense/focused enough to be sx or sp dominant. Based on this interview (click it, there's some rad pics in there) I'm gonna say so/sx. I don't see any sp survival-related thought patterns.

Selena Gomez


I know the theme so far has been using pictures from the actual movie, but Selena had a pretty boring role and I only want hot pics on my blog.

Yep, Selena is about as ESFJ as it comes. We don't seem like we'd run in the same social circles. Too goody-goody and tame. She seems like a decent chick though.

Like I said, Selena's your typical goody-goody Fe-Si type. Follows the rules and treats everyone nicely for the most part. Socially appropriate. I guess I'll post an interview to show you how Fe she is. This is literally the first one that came up, think it speaks for itself:

Very emotionally expressive, very direct in her speech, talking about her emotions objectively (extroverted functions are objective). Then around 3:13 talking about how everyone feels. Yep. Moving on.

Once again, nothing really stands out about Si. It's a pretty normalizing function. I think Selena comes off as pretty normal. She's got that priest's daughter SFJ vibe to her. No Ni plans to change the world (see: Demi Lovato and her eating disorder crusade), no weird Ni mystical aura. Just a very down-to-earth, stable personality.

7w6 so/sx

I'm not solid on this but whatever. I've seen Selena typed as 7w8 on some other enneagram blog and that seems rather absurd. But I think there is something to that 7 because she's kind of all over the place career-wise. Still she needs that 6 security blanket, which is why she stuck with Justin Bieber for so long. 7 is kinda odd for ESFJ but I don't see her as any other type. She's probably a 792. So/sx just because she seems pretty socially oriented, she has no intensity to her and her sp instinct is quite clearly last given her uh, relationship and drug addiction issues, ahem.

Alright guys, cherish it while it lasts cuz I am not seeing any more Hot Girl MBTIs in my future. Blech.

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How to Talk to a Sensor

First things first. I would like to wish two of my favorite SPs, Jensen Ackles and Justin Bieber, a happy birthday. And apologies to Jensen Ackles for putting him in a sentence with Justin Bieber, twice.

How to talk to a Sensor. Or more specifically an ESFP. This may or may not apply to other Sensor types, I don't claim to speak for them. Contrary to popular opinion we aren't all basically the same.

Since I've been into MBTI, the more I interact with different types the more I realize there really, really is a fundamental communication difference between Sensors and Intuitives. I'd venture to say it makes up at least 50% of the so-called communication issues in relationships. There are some problems between Se and Si and Ne and Ni as well, but not on the same level. I'm gonna do my best to clear this up and tell you N types what you're doing wrong. Hint, it's not just us being dumb.

(Edit: I should probably add that most of these communication problems are with NFs. NTs seem to better understand that we operate on different levels. Usually.)

Sensing vs. Intuition

Yeah here we go again. I've made a post on this before and most of the important stuff is there. But this time I'm gonna focus on the communication differences going on here.

Essentially it's this. Sensors and Intuitives have completely different priorities. As I said, they see reality on a fundamentally different level than each other. Both sides tend to default to seeing the other method of perception as stupid, even if they don't outright say it. Yes, don't think Sensors can't pick up on your condescending Intuitive tone. It's literally what we do - hear.

Intuitives don't see reality as it currently exists, as being important. What it all "means" is what "really" matters. Since their Sensing function is low, most will tell you they see and operate in reality just as functionally as Sensors do. This is because they've never experienced what it's like to truly be immersed in their environment. They believe seeing the underlying "truth" of what's happening in their environment is the reality.

Sensors (obviously) don't. Sensors trust what they see, what they experience, what's been proven. All that theoretical stuff doesn't mean shit if it doesn't help us get ahead so we don't care to hear about it.

The Problem

The problem comes in when Intuitive types try to force their perspective onto Sensors. I cannot tell you how many times I've entered into a benign conversation with an N type only to have them pull some completely twisted abstract shit out of it that was absolutely not what I said.

Don't fucking do this. Seriously.

We are straightforward people. If we are talking about cars, we are actually... wait for it... talking about cars. We are not talking about how all of society has become reliant on a gasoline-dependent vehicle and it has torn us apart as a community, and we aren't secretly jonesing to talk about it either. If we want to take the conversation there, we will. Most of the time though, we just want to fucking talk about cars.

And I do love talking about cars...

Intuitive types are not satisfied with this. They do not experience reality in its concrete form, or rather they do in a very, very watered down manner. They can't relate. So what they do is try to extract meaning from the literal words Sensors say and attach an ideal (NF) or concept (NT) to them where there was none. Ne types will make mental leaps based on assumptions that you are following the same thought processes as them. And I'm gonna be real blunt here: you put words in our mouth. Yes you do. It's how your mind works, so it's not completely your fault, but you need to recognize that you're doing it so you can stop.

Ni types on the other hand will assume you have the same overall perspective of reality as they do and get taken aback when something you say challenges it. They won't explicitly say they're offended. What they will do is use this warped Socratic Method where they keep asking you leading questions until they get you to agree with them. Actually Ne types do this too. And when Sensors shut that shit down and refuse to engage, they defend themselves on the internetz by calling us close-minded idiots. Looking at you INTJ.

The Solution

The solution to this is to realize we don't care. It's as simple as that.

We don't care why mankind created words and what purpose they actually serve and how we should interpret them and no. We don't care. Go on and figure out the meaning of life if you want. Unless we can usefully apply it to our current situation, it does. Not. Matter. We don't think about stuff for the sake of thinking. We are people of action.

But if I know one thing about Intuitives it's that they need to know why. Why don't you care? There must be some deep psyche hurt, surely some emotional avoidance causing you to react this way. Or do you just not like using your brain? No. We don't connect with people on a verbal level as much as we do on a physical level. We connect through experiences. Words are secondary to experiences, they're just there to serve experiences. For Intuitives it's the other way around.

Here comes the part where the Intuitives reading say, "How come we have to accommodate you in the conversation? Why don't you accommodate us?" Good question. Personally I am okay with taking a dip in the "theory" pool. But what usually happens when I concede to that is that becomes the entire focus of the conversation. Intuitives will naturally always try to steer the conversation in the abstract direction, and Sensors will respond by bringing it back to reality. The further your ideas are from reality, the more annoyed we get and the more we feel like we're wasting our time. And when we get tired of the conversation, we bow out, whereas Intuitives just push further (see above).

Anyway, to answer that question, I guess it just comes down to how much you care about getting along with the person. Me, I don't choose to surround myself with people who can only theorize about everything. I can't relate to those people and they don't really have a place in my life so I don't make an effort to accommodate them. Sensors operate in the present, so for the most part, we don't spend time with people we don't care for if we don't have to. The only exception to that possibly being SFJs.

Lemme just say, I never purposely avoid people once I've determined they are a certain type. I genuinely like people and I like being around them so I couldn't do that if I tried. But I still make a note of patterns. I use MBTI to figure out why I just plain don't get along with certain people, and whether or not it would be worthwhile to fix it. I get along best with SPs. We're usually on the same page, and they add more to my life than any other type. Realistically, unless the person is really special, chances are if they aren't SP it's not worth the effort. We're just gonna keep clashing.

Not everyone's gonna get along. That's how it is. If you don't get along with Sensors, then avoid them (good luck with that). But for chrissakes stop bitching and moaning about how stubborn we are just because we see things differently. You're only making yourself look like an ignorant dumbass.