Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hot Guy MBTI: Justin Bieber

Hooray, it's time for the first installment in my Hot Guy MBTI series.

Not gonna lie, I'm a fan of the Biebs. His music is catchy, he's talented, and oh yeah, he's hot. Maybe not as hot as say, circa 2012-2013 Bieber, but I'd still hit it.

Zayum, bae!


So, we can all agree on this, right? I'll go ahead and explain anyway cuz it's fun and I'm nice like that.


What's the most obvious thing about Justin? The sheer amount of energy he has. This guy is constantly on tour. Knock him all you want but he ain't a slacker. And when he's not in concert, he's getting into some kinda trouble. He just doesn't have an "off" switch. Se, as a function, is about experiencing your environment fully with your senses. Se personalities (ESxP) tend to be the most physically energetic. They're usually good at sports,

physically coordinated,

and, uh, a little unpredictable...

Se's raison d'ĂȘtre is living in the moment and manipulating their environment. Immature Se users will be very impulsive and reckless, but it's all in good fun. An unfortunate result of this is that Se's do tend to be pretty polarizing personality-wise.


Ah, Fi. I think of Fi as the pretty function when it's combined with Se. Se is image-oriented, and in conjunction with Fi, it creates a personality that has a very distinct "look" to them. ESFPs will be the ones following the trends and interpreting them to make them their own, versus ISFPs who will create their own trends by taking cues from what's out there already. And since their leading function is Se, they can also get a little wild with the visuals:

ESFPs also tend to be ladies' men. The combo of Se's keen perception skills and awareness of environment, along with auxiliary Fi being able to empathize, make them quite attractive to the females. Of course, being a love-song singer who won the genetic lottery also probably helps.

That's all you get, the first two functions. The most important ones. If I knew JB personally, I could give you more insight to the other ones, but that takes some getting-to-know since we don't use those as much. What say? You want more? Okay, I guess...

Bonus Enneagram:

See here.

There you have it. Justin Bieber, everyone.

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