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TV Typing: The Walking Dead

In honor of my guest post on Zombies Ruin Everything, I'm gonna start a new post series. I've been wanting to do this for a while but I feel like every other damn MBTI blog does this kind of thing. Or they try to anyway. Unfortunately there are a bunch of shitty typings out there and something needs to be done about it goddammit. I can't sit around and let people be wrong on the internet.

So uh, yeah, welcome to TV Typing.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has a huge cast of characters that fluctuate throughout the seasons. I'm gonna try to cover as many as I can. This post will be fucking epic.

Note: As of the time this was posted, we are waiting for the second half of Season 5.

Season 1

Rick: ENTJ
Man I hated Rick in the first few seasons. He was all inferior Fi trying to "do the right thing", except he obviously wasn't good at it. It wasn't natural for him. Only around season 4ish when he became the badass, take-no-prisoners (literally) dude he was meant to be, did I start to like him.

Rick's strength is in planning and taking care of thangs. He, like all ENTJs, is a natural leader and the rest of the group looks to him when in doubt. Rick's not concerned with doing things the "right" way (SJ). He's very adaptive (Se) considering the circumstances of, you know, zombie apocalypse.

Shane: ESTP
I always thought Rick and Shane should've switched names. Rick is the standard bad guy name. It rhymes with dick, which Shane is. He's your typical bullheaded Se force of nature. He doesn't like taking orders one bit, and purposely rebels against Rick in spite of them being "best friends". Shane's no leader, but he also doesn't like being led, and he has no problem making that known.

If not for tertiary Fe, I don't think anyone would've put up with this guy. He knew how to get on people's good sides when he needed to. But for the most part he was a loose cannon with no direction (inferior Ni) all the way up until he turned into a zombie.

Lori: ESFJ
Oh my God this woman. When people complain about their ESFJ mothers this is what they're talking about. Lori is simultaneously a fragile little flower and a control freak. She is overly protective of Carl, and she tries to assert her power over the other females in the group. She also has this F-dom air of moral superiority.

Only in the last season she was alive did she finally realize how irritating she was. I bet it was after Andrea told her off. That was a damn good scene. Andrea became my favorite character after that. One of them anyway. Speaking of...

Andrea: ESFP
Yeah, bitch. ESFP. Andrea is like the Pamela Anderson of Walking Dead. In the beginning of the series she was just kind of "there". But later on, when she got with Shane (ew), her Se started to come out. Not to mention she always has a cute outfit. That ain't a product of any other function, I'll tell you hwat.

Girl is obviously not an introvert either. She was able to get on the Governor's good side. That takes some serious social skills. Granted it was by sleeping with him but do what you gotta do, right? Still, she had that Fi softness to her and did her best to prevent the dude from killing fucking everybody.

Dale: ENFJ
Ugh, I'm just shaking my head thinking of talking about this dude. He takes the cake for "most annoying as fuck character". The day he died was a fucking load off my back.

Dale has no problem going around and manipulating everyone into doing his bidding. Only he tries to be all coy and innocent about it. He tries to "take care" of Andrea by asserting his Fe all over her, and then when that inevitably fails he just starts spewing his impractical Idealistic bullshit all over the entire camp. Not to mention his voice is just... God. Just shut up already. Alright, next.

Glenn: INTP
I like Glenn. He's an honest dude. He's also one of the only cute guys on the show, which helps. Some people type Glenn as an INFP because he, um, idealizes Maggie I guess? I don't know. Pretty stupid typing if you ask me. What I think they're actually seeing is inferior Fe (which INTPs use a surprising amount) wanting to save everyone.

When we first meet Glenn we find out he used to be a pizza delivery guy. The reason he survived so long while still being an N type is because he knows the routes of the entire city and could figure out the logistics of how to get from point A to B without being eaten. He also doesn't have that irksome, head-in-the-clouds, blatant inability to think realistically that is characteristic of INFP.

Carl: ISFP
Carl's a cool kid too. Another of my favorites. In the beginning he was just an annoying kid with a cowboy hat, but he's grown into a very independent, self-sufficient teenager. He reminds me a lot of this ESFP I used to know...anyway. For the most part, kids should not be typed, but by the teenage years you can usually tell who's what.

Carl is quite clearly in his Se development phase. Though he acts tough, he doesn't have the hard personality that comes with Ti-dom. He has a moral code he follows, one that clashes with his dad's. And he has enough Se to stand up to Rick, as opposed to a timid INFP who'd go sulk in their room with a book.

T-Dog is like the Token of Walking Dead. The writers seem to have just thrown him in there, not bothering to give him much if any character development. If I had to guess, I'd say ISTJ, but honestly I don't think this dude can be reliably typed.

He has a bit of an independent streak in him, but for the most part he just tags along for the ride. He joins Shane's little posse once he decides Shane's the better bet for survival. ISTJ often latches on to whoever they consider to be in charge. Eventually the only black guy on the show gets killed off and no one notices. He is soon replaced with another black dude who has a somewhat more prominent role.

Carol: ISTJ
Poor Carol. She really drew the short end of the survival stick. She got an abusive husband, she lost her kid, said kid turned zombie and then got shot right in front of Carol's face. In the beginning I didn't like her at all. She just let everyone walk all over her. She did make a good example of an unhealthy ISTJ though.

Eventually she came into her own, but not before Te fucked her over. Following Rick's general rule that any threats should be taken care of (Si), she took the initiative and killed two sick people in the camp without getting Rick's go-ahead, and without telling anyone. SJs don't like to get caught breaking the rules, so I've heard. But, she did survive on her own, which is more than could be said for ISFJ.

Daryl: ISTP
Daryl is not your stereotypical hot guy, but if anyone, I'd say he is the show's heartthrob. I think it's also safe to say he is the fan favorite. He's definitely one of mine. If Daryl isn't ISTP, I don't know who is. His tracking and archery skills are on point. That's some serious Ti-Se shit.

ISTPs were basically made for surviving a zombie apocalypse. I don't think anyone's denying Daryl is an ISTP. Then again I have seen some downright dumb typings by Intuitives who are so far removed from reality they can't see what's right in front of them. May God have mercy on their souls.

Merle: ESTJ
Man, it's uncanny how many douchey characters end up being Te types. ESTJ and INTJ in particular. No wonder they have such a bad reputation. Anyhoo. Merle is, well, an asshole. It goes without saying that most people hate him. He looks out for Number One. No, not pee you idiot, the other number one. However, there is one redeeming quality about him. He is loyal to his brother. He may treat him like shit but above all, he's loyal. The hallmark of an SJ.

Merle is a leader. A leader without a following, sure, but a leader. And a survivor. Dominant Te allows him to judge situations rationally. He certainly don't got any Fe. Plus the whole watered-down inferior Fi morals. Yeah, unhealthy ESTJ. I can't say I completely hate him though. At least he's an asshole who's self-aware. 

Season 2

Maggie: ESFP
More proof that ESFPs are just the best characters ever. Maggie is my girl. She's fucking awesome. And I have no problem saying she's hella hot. I approve of the Maggie and Glen coupling. You know what else? She was a recurring character on season 3 of Supernatural. I mean not Maggie but you know. She's a killer villain too.

Guess I got sidetracked. So. Maggie's a pretty everyday ESFP. She's got a dominant, headstrong personality, but she's also very friendly and sweet. Except when people try to push her around. Se is a very self-protective function. It also knows how to react quickly, and Maggie can kill zombies like it's another day at the office.

Hershel: ISFJ
Hershel the family man. Standard meek ISFJ guardian who wants what's best for everyone. I don't have anything bad to say about Hershel. He's like the anti-Dale. He's got morals but not just for the sake of having them. Family is what matters most to him.

His Fe is evident near the end of season 2 when we find out he's been harboring the zombies and, um, feeding them. He's so stuck in the past that he still sees them all as his neighbors, family, friends. And you can't have houseguests without feeding them, obviously. Poor guy eventually gets jerked back into reality in the epic barn slaughter of Season 2 and eventually becomes the moral compass of the group.

Beth: ISFP
Beth. Beth, Beth, Beth. Why the fuck did you have to hook up with Daryl? Ugh. Beth is annoying in a more passive way. It's like she's completely unaware of anything outside her own reality. If it weren't for her craftiness and survival skills in the hospital, along with her attitude, I'd peg her as an out-of-touch INFP.

Beth is an example of why people find Fi selfish. Throughout the show she comes across as this little girl who's always on the verge of throwing a sissy fit. She reminds me of all the quasi-hipsters I come across in LA. And got damn with the singing. Please, girl. Your voice is about as attractive as Taylor Swift's. Apparently I'm not the only one who didn't like her.

Season 3

Michonne: ENFJ
Awww shyit. Michonne. Fucking badass. Another of my favorites. I know what you're thinking. "How the fuck is Michonne ENFJ? ISTP all the way." No dude. Michonne is not an ISTP if you actually watched the end of season 4/beginning of 5.

Michonne is another example of an unhealthy version of her type. In her case, her shadow type helps her survive. But when she finally lets her guard down, when we see her in her natural state, she is brimming with Fe. Especially when it comes to Carl. Of course it's not impossible that an ISTP could act this way, but on purpose? Because they like being affectionate? Nah, I don't think so. Fe smileyness and Se hunting skills. Not to mention that whole taking-care-of-sick-Andrea-for-months situation. Not exactly an ISTP thing.

The Governor: ENTJ
Ugh. Talk about a hateable character. If Rick is Good Guy ENTJ, the Governator is Bad Guy ENTJ. It's no wonder they don't get along. ENTJs don't tend to play well together. Let's just say he got what he had coming.

The Governor has grand, delusional Ni plans for his own Pleasantville in Zombieland. He runs his society quite well through Te, and he sure knows how to influence a crowd (Te & Fe's specialty). He's also a control freak. He has a wee little problem with "doing the right thing", thanks again to inferior Fi.

Milton: INTP
Hey look, Michael Bolton survived the zombie apocalypse. Looks like he finally got rid of that horrible name, though I can't say that new one's much of an upgrade. Bleh. No comment.

Milton is the stereotypical nerdy science geek INTP who never sees daylight and insists on using proper grammar. He's clearly not got any Se in him, though his Ti+Ne tells him that somehow the zombies are sentient, even when Andrea tells him it's patently not true. INTPs are similar to INFPs that way, believing something on the basis that it's potentially true. His inferior Fe means he absolutely sucks at covering up the truth, which ultimately leads to his demise.

Tyreese: INFJ
Tyreese is a big buff black dude. You'd think he'd be some kind of ISTP. Nope. Writers dun good this time. He's a damn INFJ softie. And guess what other show he's appeared on? The Wire. Yeah mayn.

Tyreese mostly keeps to himself. He doesn't make too much fuss and he doesn't like when other people do either. Tyreese struggles with his moral code and seems to have a heavy Ni mental load at all times. In typical NF fashion, he always wants to do the right thing. He has an immensely hard time killing anyone, including bad guys, and will do all he can to avoid it. One thing he excels at is being a father figure to Judith, thanks to Fe.

Sasha: ESTP
Sasha's a hard one because she doesn't seem to have much character development. Or at least I'm not seeing it. She just seems normal. She doesn't come across as being overly emotional, but then she also doesn't seem coldly logical. Given how good her survival skills are, I'd have to pin her as a Se-dom.

People who have a fairly even mix of logical and emotional in their personality tend to be ExxPs, whose functions are Pe Ji Je Pi. So, though the first judging function is higher up, it's hidden, and the weaker tertiary one shows up more in conversation. That said, I don't think she's a Fi user. She doesn't have a problem taking the trash out, and though ESFPs don't for the most part either, there is usually a little hesitance/resistance.

Season 4

I like me a Bob. Bobs are usually reliable, stand-up guys. You might recognize Bob from The Wire, and if you don't you need to get on that shit because it's one of the best shows ever made. Bob is a happy-go-lucky guy, except for the little drinking problem he has. He has the hopelessly positive outlook every healthy ENFP embodies.

The reason Bob and Sasha work as a couple is because he shines a ray of cheery idealism on her stark STP reality. Bob is all too happy to help everyone out wherever he can. He's an extrovert's extrovert. When the group gets split up, Bob, in true Inspirer form, encourages Maggie to go after her husband at Terminus. Unfortunately his Realist girlfriend can see Terminus for what it really is, and it ends up being, well, not ideal.

Tara: INFP
Tara seems like an alright girl and all, but there's a reason she spent the entire first year of the apocalypse in the same damn apartment. She's not exactly equipped for survival. In the race for Least Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalpyse, INFP comes out the winner. INFJ at least has inferior Se going for them.

Tara's true colors come out in the big jailhouse showdown. She is so shellshocked after being removed from INFP LaLaLand that she literally spends the whole time cowering in the corner. The only reason she's survived this long is sheer dumb luck. She tags along with Glenn and champions his idealistic search for Maggie, all the while staring at her shoes and kinda sorta insisting that the group should just do what Glenn says because he's sooo dreamy.

Rosita: ESFP
I'm not as fond of Rosita. I can definitely relate to her, but she just doesn't seem very likable. She obviously got invited into Sarge's group because she can tackle the walkers. But like fellow ESFP Andrea, she just loves a man in power. Loves. Because Abraham is super sexy. (barf)

Rosita's got that Se dominant personality, but you can tell she's got a soft side behind it all. She truly cares about Abraham. She also has a bit of a Fi moral streak in her. Call it tough love.

Sgt. Abraham: ESTJ
Alright, as an ESFP, I just... I seriously can't even. Like, what? Handlebar mustache and square-shaped red hair? How on earth is this attractive, Rosita? Whatever. Sarge here is as SJ as you're gonna get. He demands order goddammit.

Unfortunately, Abe is not too up on his people-reading skills. That comes with Se and potentially Fe. And he's not too good at foreseeing the future either, thanks to low Ne. So when Eugenius reveals himself to be a not-scientist who cannot save the world, let's say it doesn't go over very well.

"Dr." Eugene: INTJ
Eugene is a nice example of a redneck INTJ. Thinks and acts like he knows everything when really he's just good at spinning his bullshit into a credible verbal format. Gotta hand it to that inferior Se though, it knows how to survive, albeit barely. Dat Ni evil plotting.

Eugene's not a complete idiot, though. He knows how to read. And he's intent on being seen as an NT intellectual, thanks to Te. Te needs external validation that it's smart.

Season 5

Father Gabriel: ISFJ
Hey hey hey, another Wire alum. Father Gabriel is a naughty ISFJ. He did the unthinkable: he ignored his Fe and saved himself, and he will forever punish himself for it. "But how can he be an ISFJ? Isn't Fi the one that's selfish?" No. People act abnormally under stress. 

Gabe here is quite aware he's unfit for survival out there. What he was good at was being a moral leader in his community, and well, you can't exactly come back from leaving your neighbors for dead when you have an entire church to house them in. He's a lost little ISFJ who no longer has a sense of purpose, and thus spends most of his time in the grip of inferior Ne, fretting about what other awful shit will happen in this life and the afterlife that follows.

Noah: ISFP
Noah's another looker. When I think of ISFP, he's what comes to mind. Laid-back nice guy who's not afraid to strike out on his own. And not afraid to stick up for what he believes in.

There's not much to say about Noah because he just got introduced. He hasn't done much. But he does know how to survive. And he seems to be a pretty cool guy. I bet he and Carl will become friends.

Alright, let's round up which types would survive a zombie apocalypse...

SP: 9
SJ: 7
NT: 5
NF: 5

Neh. Way too many Intuitives and not nearly enough SPs. Excellent job on representing all the types though, fellow screenwriters. Here's hoping an ENTP will round out Season 5. Or you know, more SPs, like there should be during a damn apocalypse.

Jesus my brain is tired. That took me seven fucking hours. I think I'm done for the week.

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Hot Guy MBTI: Jared Padalecki

I'd say it's about time for another one of these. So I'm still pretty obsessed with Supernatural. I'm definitely a Dean girl but after a few seasons I can definitely see the appeal of Sammy boy. He's hot in that nice guy way. So, today's hot guy is none other than Jared Padalecki...



I know, I know. Another hot ESFP? It's just not fair.

Jared is one of the more low-key ESFPs in the media. People have this idea that ESFPs are wild party animals. ESFP in reality is actually a pretty laid-back personality type. They are very good at blending in and adapting to new situations (it's what Se does). Hence a lot of ESFPs are mistyped, usually by intuitives who think ESFPs can't possibly be, you know, normal people who like to have a bit of fun.

Aww, look at the little 6'4" cutie pie


Let's see, how do I explain this one. I'm gonna start off with some interviews to show you instead of tell you because that's usually how I type. It's not what you say but how you say it. Especially when it comes to Sensors.

This first interview is with baby Jared in 2001, when he first came on TV:

Sensors and Intuitives communicate differently. Hopefully by now you've noticed this. Sensors, as I've said before, are very straightforward and to-the-point when they speak. They don't go off on tangents, they don't use abstract language or metaphors, though they may use analogies. Extroverted Sensors in particular use a lot of hand gestures to convey what they're saying. And Se is very comfortable talking to an audience as it's very good at improvising. The stage is the SP's natural habitat. All of this can be seen in the video.

Here's another one that's more recent, from 2007. This one's interesting because he's being interviewed with Paris Hilton, an ISFP. "What?? Paris Hilton ain't no damn introvert!" Yeah actually, she definitely is. Watch this vid and tell me she doesn't come off as closed-off and guarded compared to Jared:

Again Jared displays all the telltale signs of extroverted Sensor communication. Compare this to a Ne-dom like Jennifer Aniston, who naturally gives off an awkward, nervous energy when being interviewed in spite of being an extrovert.

A less definitive indicator of Se: Jared's said he is "a little self-conscious" of his body and clearly takes good care of it. Or maybe I just wanted to include this picture in my post:

I'll take the one with the towel

Finally, like his SP co-star, Jared's personality has a definite physicality to it, which makes for great stage presence. This is not a for-sure indicator of Se either but it definitely points in that direction, as Se is all about being a part of your physical environment and manipulating it.

Jeans, beanie, T-shirt and sandals - a true Californian


This is the more obvious function I see in Jared. Makes sense since development-wise, he is at the tail end of his auxiliary-function stage.

Jared seems like an easygoing guy but he is still quite opinionated. If you follow him on Twitter, you're probably familiar with quite a few "controversial" tweets he's "published" and gotten in trouble for. See hyahhyah, and hyah.

"Did I say that? No see what I meant was..."

Since ESFPs are pretty outspoken they have a tendency toward foot-in-mouth syndrome. Now obviously sassy remarks are not exclusive to Fi, but there is for sure a pattern of xSFPs unintentionally starting drama by voicing their opinions, online or otherwise. Fe is by no means immune to drama-starting, but they do it in a more in a snide, indirect manner in an attempt to save face. Like subtweeting.

Overall Jared just doesn't have that Ti hardness in his personality. He's a silly dude at heart. Granted there are some ESFPs who do embody something like it (see Nicki Minaj), but it's usually more a product of their environment than their natural tendency.

Dat irresistible smile


Fuck if I know. Here's my slightly informed guess.

9w8 7w6 2w3 so/sx
972 - The Inspirer. Peace seeking and innovative. Seeks to help through gentle inspiration and positive outlook. source

Or some combo thereof.

It's really hard to pull an in-depth explanation out of my ass but I'll try anyway since I haven't written any new stuff for a week.

9w8 goes with the flow. It's more of an introverted type. Not too outlandish but not afraid to stand up for itself either. A 9w8 ESFP will be more closed off than your typical ESFP 3 or 7.

7w6 because he still has that ESFP spontaneity and need for excitement. He seems more group-oriented 6ish than independent 8ish.

Out of all the heart types, 2 seems most likely but it doesn't seem that dominant. 2 is others-oriented and Fi is pretty independent. Jared doesn't seem much different from typical Fi users. His image-consciousness leads me to believe 2w3.

So/sx. Obvious. He's clearly socially oriented in his interactions with others. He doesn't lead with the same sx intensity as his costar Jensen but it's still there.

Alright. Phew. Done. Back to Netflix.

I watch it for the plot... really.

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Oh the difference a letter can make.

Hi kids. Today we're gonna talk about how to distinguish ESFPs from ESTPs and vice versa. Though they're only one letter different, they have opposite judging functions in opposite places. ESFP = Se Fi Te Ni, and ESTP = Se Ti Fe Ni. Since their first extroverted functions are the same (and dominant), they come across pretty similar. Get to know them though, and after a while you'll see they're prettttty, pretttty, prettttty different. Maybe not that different. But still. Different enough.

Fi-Te vs. Ti-Fe
Eminem (ISTP) and Rihanna (ISFP)

ESFP and ESTP share Se and Ni but have different judging functions. Here's a little intro to both:

Fi-Te Focused on self expression. Uses external logic to support internal values/belief system, prioritizing value judgments. Treats others as different versions of themselves. Treats others as others treat them, without regard for social politics.

Ti-Fe Gets to the core logical essence of things. Has a good grasp on the mechanics behind why things work and how they operate. Either uses external feeling in an opportunistic sense, or actively opposes social niceties and intentionally riles people for a reaction.

These characteristics will be more pronounced in dominant-inferior positions but they still generally hold. By now you should have a feel for which type you're dealing with, but if not, I guess I'll elaborate more.

ESFP: The Performer

As you can hopefully read, ESFP is called the Performer. I'd say it fits pretty well. Ask an ESFP if they love entertaining people and they will no doubt say yes. They usually are pretty funny for this reason. That doesn't mean all of us perform for a living. There aren't nearly enough openings for ~10% of the population to do that. Nor does it mean all performers are ESFP. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this but I never know who reads any of this shit.

ESFPs are more bent on having a defined, unique identity than ESTPs, thanks to Fi. They express themselves through Se, which you'll see in their appearance, clothes, body language, word choice, and actions. And ESFPs tend to come off a bit nicer than ESTPs. While ESTPs have Fe, it's their tertiary function. Tertiary functions are used on an as-needed basis and there is some animosity toward them. ESTPs know how to charm the pants off someone, but in a disingenuous way. ESFPs don't exactly know how but they end up doing so anyway, thanks to the deep connection Fi makes.

ESTP: The Doer

ESTP is known as the Doer. Both of these names sound sexual. SExual. Heh. Yes, so. ESTP has a bit of a tougher attitude than ESFP. Se is pretty self-protective as it is, but combined with Ti it makes for a very strong, take-no-prisoner personality. And compared to ESFP, their personality is not as silly. They can be playful but it's usually more rowdy than cute. They've also got quite a sense of humor, but again it's more balls-to-the-wall compared to ESFP slapstick.

Oh right, the Doer part. ESTPs are all about making stuff happen. Rules are more like suggestions. They will bend them and have an easier time manipulating people to get what they want than the ESFP, whose Fi code usually prevents them from being okay with this unless they don't respect the person. Ti can read between the lines to understand why the rules are there, and skirt them using Fe social skills. If ESFPs have no problem acting like "bitches", ESTPs have even less of one. You know that phrase, "I'd rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission"? Yeah that's from an ESTP. No I don't have a fucking source, just trust me.

So. All that said. You should be able to tell the difference between ESFP and ESTP by now. If not, I don't know what else to tell you. Try getting out more? (:

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Fashion by Function

So you've read my extremely perceptive post about spotting types in the real world. You've closed your laptop and ventured out into the sun for once. But you are an impatient little padawan and listening to people talk just takes too fucking long.

Boy do I have a post for you!

Style is something I pay attention to, and if you want to hone your people-reading skills, you should too.

"But... people are all different! You can't type someone by what clothes they wear! That's just silly!"

Maybe, but that doesn't mean it doesn't help to have a general idea of what each type prefers to wear. How we present ourselves to the world says a lot. Watch and learn.

Se pulls off the sloppy-yet-still-sexy look

Se is about status. It wants to make an impact, to impress. Form over function. Se users gravitate toward brand names and visually appealing clothes. When a Se user wears an item of clothing, it is always a conscious choice. They don't buy "whatever", they don't just "throw stuff on". Even the most slacker ESFP has consciously cultivated her look. Even the sloppiest dressing ESTP will still take the time to make sure his clothing items match visually.

Si wears tried-and-true neutrals

Si goes with what works and what has worked. Nothing flashy or risky. This can go a couple different ways. When paired with Fe, it will go with established, socially acceptable trends. When paired with Te, it will go with what gets the job done, what is the most comfortable (intro-oriented sensing), or what people will expect given the occasion. A young Si user will go with currently acceptable styles; an older Si user will prefer styles associated with their generation.

Fe goes with trendy but safe outfit

Fe, as mentioned, wants to dress in a socially acceptable manner. They will not take too many fashion risks, and if they do, it won't be until they've gotten the seal of approval from people they trust. Like the function itself, Fe users will have an agreeable, uncontroversial taste in clothing. They will be very conscious of how others perceive their style and will choose clothes accordingly.

Fi creates a distinct look all its own

Fi is about self expression and authenticity. They dress how they want, according to their own sense of what looks good. Input from others is rarely asked for. Fi is willing to take risks, but not just for the sake of it - rather because the style resonates with them. When paired with Se, this will lead to some very eye-catching if questionable choices; paired with Ne, it will lead to quirky, random clothing articles. Almost every NFP owns a pair of "wacky" socks.

Te looks polished at all times

Te clothing typically looks clean, professional, and tailored. Equal parts form and function. Nothing extravagant unless the occasion calls for it. Te is similar to Se in that it wants to come off a certain way, but Te has a specific look in mind. It wants to look presentable, put-together, and successful. They often wear a lot of black for this reason. Especially when coupled with Ni, the "dark" function, as I uh, like to call it... as of now.

Ti wears whatever works

Ti goes for function over form. When combined with Se this is a little less so, but still applies. Ti users wear what's practical. They avoid loud, attention-attracting clothes, gravitating toward muted/earthy colors and simple styles. Outfits can be laid-back to a fault.

Ne manages to look low-key but off-beat

Ne likes to try a bit of everything. They don't really have a "look", so to speak. Outfits are mish-mashy and unique. Combined with Ti, they will often like ironic or cult-classic T-shirts, or fashion that is otherwise "funny". Combined with Fi, they will buy whatever looks "different" and speaks to them on an abstract level. Usually nothing attention-grabbing, which is more associated with Se.

Ni creates a dark yet noteworthy look

Ni also has the Intuitive snowflakey-ness in that they want clothes that aren't flashy (inferior Se) but not boring or typical, either. Like the function itself, Ni sees the whole picture by picking a wardrobe that looks good with their skin tone and overall appearance. They gravitate toward black/white and away from bright colors, creating an overall "dark" undertone to their look.

To figure out how a type will dress, look at the styles of their first two functions and combine them, giving more weight to their dominant function.

As with everything, there are always exceptions. Some people have off days. Some people are more interested in fashion. Depressed people will generally look more unkempt. So will poor people and cheap-asses like my deadbeat dad. Too far? ...Nah. Never too far.

Credit to Penguinz (ENFJ) for inspiring this post.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Spotting Types in the Wild

So you've figured out your MBTI type. Your functions, hopefully. You've memorized all the fluffy horoscope descriptions of yours and everyone around you. Guess what. All of this doesn't mean jack shit if you can't recognize the types in real life.

MBTI is only useful as far as you can throw it. You can study the cognitive functions and all that crap all you want, but until you know how they manifest themselves in real people - until you can acquire SP-level people-reading skills - you just wasted hours of your life reading a bunch of theoretical bullshit.

Here are some pointers on recognizing each type, acquired and assembled from hours of life experience, not books.

Guys tend to come across as gay because they are very affectionate and warm. Smile with their whole face and laugh a lot. Can be a bit vain. Prone to taking a lot of selfies. Like a tame version of ESFP. These will be your typical high school Mean Girls or sorority girls. Great at talking to people in front of their face as well as behind their back. Kitty from That 70's Show.

Guys can come off as oddly ISTP-like - strong, silent type, but have a protective nature to them and are soft at heart. Usually conform to their gender role. The word wifey was coined after an ISFJ. Down-to-earth homemaker type. Not too much of a personality but very nice. Jillian from Workaholics.

Like to be in control. Intent. Usually outgoing and able to command a room. Head honcho type. Control the conversation, somewhat rigid in demeanor. They have defined expectations for every situation. Natural tendency to be a dick. Always appear to be in control, even if in a vulnerable position. Don't take bullshit. Opinionated. Need to be taken seriously. Anders from Workaholics.

Your typical goodie-goodie, with a bit of a tendency to be smarter-than-thou. Seek stability, a solid future plan. Unbelievably predictable but very reliable. Play it safe, plan ahead, very practical. Not up on current trends or anything new. Blend in and like it. Literally do not understand doing things "just for fun." Don't try to argue with them. Just, don't. Red from That 70's Show.

Random. Energetic. Try to be intellectual. Quirky sense of humor which doesn't always make sense. Can get very enthusiastic but can also get very sad. They can be very talkative and also rather quiet, sometimes in the same conversation. Strong beliefs. Act goofy but in actuality take themselves rather seriously. Troy from Community.

Your typical awkward introvert. Needs to be "different". Will probably be found in the corner of the room reading or making friends with the house pet. Has esoteric interests and prone to fan-girling. Extremely idealistic and as such is prone to depression. Extreme case of the feels. Quirky once their shell is busted open, but still in a slightly awkward way. Attracted to morbid things. Britta from Community.

Similar to the ESFJ but more reserved in demeanor, and has a bit of a dark side. The type that gets straight A's, has a great social life, and is still sane. Strong ideals and are outspoken about them. Attend the Gay Pride Parade and various rallies. Outgoing but have a dreamy aura to them. Peeta from Hunger Games.

These types are tricky to spot. Generally they look like they've got a lot going on upstairs and give off a mysterious vibe. Aren't too outgoing, but when they do talk it is usually some insightful shit that they've clearly put a lot of thought into. Also attracted to dark things. Sam from Supernatural.

The cool nerd. Makes fun of everything because everything is a joke. The type that excels at stand-up comedy. Also the type to embarrass you at a party. Good at beating people with nonsensical arguments. Offbeat. Slacker yet still usually manages good grades. Egotistical sense of humor. Hyde from That 70's Show.

Stereotypical nerd. Endearingly awkward and quirky. Quiet. Analyzes everything, has a theory about everything. Full of data. Somewhat cynical. Fashion taste is somewhat "off". Very polite, usually. Often have a messy living environment. Glen from The Walking Dead.

Calm, cool, collected. Always looking for something bigger and better. Sees life and people in terms of cost/benefit. Leader. Speaks in clear terms. No man is an island but they sure act like it. Has a physical dominance to them. Similar to ESTJ but has an entrepreneurial, more progressive thinking pattern. Wants to be in control of change, not stability. Girls may seem masculine in persona. Rick from The Walking Dead.

Know-it-all. Doesn't say anything but you get the impression they look down on you. Pride themselves on being smarter than everyone else in the room. Judge others based on intelligence. Unenthusiastic. Very blunt and disregards social niceties unless mandatory. Walter from Breaking Bad.

People lover. Constantly tries to entertain in one form or another. Somehow manages to make self the center of attention in most situations. Strong personal interests but keeps political/social opinions to self. Seek to maximize fun output at all times. Bored easily. Can be a bit of a loose cannon. Colorful wardrobe, likes brand-name, trendy clothes. Puts effort into appearance. Jesse from Breaking Bad.

Toned-down introvert ESFP. Drifts through life. Stop and smell the roses type. Appreciates nature and aesthetically appealing things. Stoner personality. Can come off as snobby. Usually animal lovers. Very serious about their art. Have a distinctly crafted look to them that is their own. The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

In-your-face personality. No qualms with lying to get their way. Brash, take-no-prisoner sense of humor. Loves taking risks and shocking people. Alpha. Only follows the rules if they'll get caught - sometimes. Likes to show off. Needs to win. Manipulatively charming. Girls may overemphasize Fe and be girly to an extreme. Jeff from Community.


Laidback slacker. Strong, silent type. Very observant of surroundings. Grounded and practical. Doesn't take shit. No problem putting people in their place. Lone wolf type. Private and hard to get to know. Keeps a small circle. Craig from Friday.