Thursday, March 19, 2015

ESFPs and Enneagram

Damn I was on a roll for a while with new posts. Lately I haven't been able to come up with shit. Or maybe I'm just unmotivated. I've been bored as fuck lately so I've been busy getting myself in trouble. There's an explanation for that though and you'll find it in this post.

I've been getting more and more into enneagram lately. It's scary how much this 7 shit applies to me. All of it. Reading about it is like having someone reach into my soul and pull out its guts for everyone to see. I'm not sure what to do with them exactly but they're cool to look at I guess.

ESFP + (enneagram)

Us ESFPs are complex creatures. Just when you think you have us all figured out you come across an ESFP scientist or some shit and you're like what? Se+Fi is a pretty versatile combination. And people underestimate our use of Te.

Here is where enneagram comes in. Enneagram is like the "why" to MBTI's "what". It has a ton of influence on how each MBTI type manifests. I will say I have not met ESFPs of all enneagram types but I have met ESFPs, I am an ESFP, I have met all enneagram types, and I can give a rough idea what I think each combination would look like. So that's what I'm gonna do. I left out 1 and 5 because, well, ESFP 1 and 5 don't exist.


Type 2 ESFP is gonna look a lot like an ESFJ. They'll probably be mistyped. Type 2 wants to help people. Or they want you to think that anyway. They actually want you to depend on them for help. When they're unhealthy they'll turn to manipulation to make you feel guilty, and they won't even realize they're doing it. My mom is a type 2. Sigh. They do make good friends though when they're healthy.


Type 3 is one of the most common for ESFP thanks to Se. Three is about image and high status. Being seen a certain way. These ESFPs are gonna be pretty driven. They're gonna wear a lot of brand names and show off too. They'll also usually be fairly good-looking, even more than your typical hot ESFP (see: all my Hot Guy articles). Life is literally a stage for ESFP 3.  Three has some identity issues though since they define themselves by their success and whatever they think they should be. Success doesn't matter so much as the appearance of success.


Four is about identity and self-discovery. It's common for ENFPs and ISFPs but not so common for ESFPs, though it's not unheard of. Four is correlated with Fi. ESFP 4s are gonna be very creative types. Four needs to express itself somehow. They'll be very open with their feelings, or at least very in tune with them. ESFP 4s will also have a distinct "look" to them and will get irritated when people try to copy it. An ESFP 4 will typically be attention-hungry since they need to stand out.


ESFP 6 is somewhat common. Sixes want security. ESFP 6s want security in relationships. There is also something called a counter-phobic 6 who basically goes against all their tendencies and face threats head-on. A good amount of ESFP 6s are counter-phobic. An obvious example would be Jesse Pinkman. There's often a nervous energy to ESFP 6s, especially if they're 6w7 (most common). They'll be very loyal friends but somewhat exclusive in their friendship choices.


This is probably the most common ESFP. I'm a 7. This is your stereotypical throw-caution-to-the-wind ESFP who does whatever the fuck they want. Anything and everything. Life is just like a big conglomeration of new opportunities and experiences and they go after all of them. May be confused with ENFP due to their low attention spans. These ESFPs are gonna be very impulsive and flighty, and prone to commitment issues. They'll also be very energetic. Being 7 is like being a drug addict but with new experiences/people. Some do in fact develop substance addictions.


ESFP 8 is often mistaken for ESTP. Very heavy on the Se, very volatile. Not too common but not out of the question. They're pretty tough and they have that take-no-prisoner attitude. Which is basically what 8 is. I'm gonna do what I want and you're gonna get the fuck out of my way. Driven and focused. Pink is an ESFP 8. ESFP 8s thrive on intensity and if there is none, they'll make some. May be prone to stirring up drama. They also thrive on intense emotions - anger and lust - and suppress their "weak" emotions.


Type 9 is gonna make for a more ISFP-like ESFP. Nine isn't exactly introverted, just... laid-back. They go with the flow. These ESFPs aren't gonna have too many ambitions other than whatever presents itself to them. Very easygoing and likable ESFPs. Also very conflict-avoidant and will probably physically leave the area if there is an argument. The stereotypical "good vibes only" California surfer type would probably be an ESFP 9.

For more stuff about enneagram, these are the sites I refer to:


  1. I need to look into this. I was told I'm a 7w8 but I don't know what it means or if I am. Numburs mak mah head hurt somethin feerce. Also makes me wonder what my ESFP friend is. From this description he may be a 4. He's outta jail now so he's a lot more laid back, trying to figure things out but still hates people he thinks are copying him.

    1. Yeah enneagram is interesting stuff. 7 needs to be doing something stimulating at all times and runs away from negative emotions. 7w8 can be a bit aggressive. Haha yea 4 wants its own identity but also has a hard time defining itself. 3w4 is also possible with that 3 image concern.

    2. Where do I go should I take a proper test if they're even reliable in the first place?

    3. They're not completely reliable but they will give you a good idea at types to read up on. there's two tests there, I'd take both of them, maybe even take them twice and see which types keep popping up. Then you can click the first link I posted up there and read up on those types, and then the type stackings which includes your instincts (so, sx, sp). And after all that you get a super fancy title like ENTP 7w8 so/sx. And if you really wanna get fancy you can learn about tritypes. I might have to make another post about that in the future.

  2. I'm an ESFP 4w3 and that seems to fit quite well. I get frustrated though that I haven't found any other that I can relate to. I like to look at people who have achieved something and are 'my type', so that I can look for life hacks. Anyone you know of?