Friday, January 2, 2015

Hot Guy MBTI: Jensen Ackles

Supernatural is pretty much my new obsession. It may or may not have to do with the fact that the stars are super hot. One in particular...

Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester on the show. It's in its 10th season now so hopefully I don't need to give a summary. But let me just say that it was super hard to research this post because I'm way behind on the series and every damn interview has some kind of spoiler in it.

Cannot...remove...eyes...from screen


So while I said it was hard to research this, it was even harder to figure out which functions he uses and why. Jensen is a pretty closed-off person interview-wise. This tends to be a thing with introverted Sensors. Sensors are pretty straightforward as it is. Add introversion on to that and you pretty much end up with nuts-and-bolts answers. For me, ISTPs are one of the hardest types to unravel. At least with ISFPs, I can recognize the Fi and similarities to my own type. But with ISTP...

Ti-dom in a nutshell

So, kinda hard to work with.


As I said, not much is revealed in the interviews he does, on TV or otherwise. He describes himself as a "regular guy" and everything he talks about pretty much follows. Just straightforward, this happened and then that happened. He does seem a bit bashful and at times awkward in interviews, which comes from lower Fe. IxTPs are not good at Fe, so they will go in one of either directions: shakily try to adapt to it, or renounce it and come off as uncaring by receding into Ti.

You and me both.

I did find this write-up about Jensen at ComicCon. Jensen described himself as a shy, analytical introvert who overthinks. Ti is notorious for overthinking everything (see my post about Eminem). Naturally, someone who has internal thinking as their first function will spend most of their time thinking. In his case, thinking about everything perceived through Se, so working in a mechanical sort of fashion (as opposed to Ne, which would be considering the inherent nature of things). He also mentioned he can come across as rude, bored and snobby - again, all signs of inferior Fe.


Se is his auxiliary function. It is the only function you can "see" Jensen use. As such it comes across as his first function. However, Jensen acts nothing like a Se-dom. Granted not all ESxPs are party monsters, but this guy is intensely private, as are most IxTPs. They are the most introverted of introverts. Watch him interact with his costar Jared. You can see that while he can usually keep up with him, he doesn't match his energy to Jared. Or rather does not prefer to. Jensen generally comes off as the strong, silent type practically trademarked by ISTPs.

S&M, baby

You might notice that the shows Jensen picks tend to be action- or thrill-oriented. This is another xSTP hallmark. Supernatural is an adrenaline ride, My Bloody Valentine was a horror, Batman, Smallville... Where xSFPs express themselves through visual art/experimentation, xSTPs express themselves through pushing their physical limits. Why is this? I really could not tell you. My guess is that, with Se being thrill-seeking as it is, along with Ti, it's kind of like, what's the furthest I can push this. It's putting Ti inquisitiveness into action. Don't quote me though. IANA psychologist.


I have no fucking idea but I'm thinking somewhere around this general area...

7w6 8w9 3w2 sx/sp
783 - The Innovator. Direct, focused, assertive and creative. Movers, shakers, rainbow makers. source

Jensen seems like a rather extroverted ISTP. Type 7's often are more extroverted by nature, since 7 wants to experience everything. But he still has that security-oriented 6-ness in him that makes him less of a loose cannon and more of a loyal family guy. 6w7 is possible too.

I thought 9w8 first, but 8w9 seems a better fit. Though he has the 6 wing, Jensen still has a dominant, assertive presence to him. xSTPs are action-oriented in general so they commonly have an 8 in there somewhere. 8w9s are less aggressive than 8w7s though. It's more like a defensive aggressiveness than an offensive one.

3w2. Most successful/driven people have 3 somewhere in their tritype. I'm guessing 3w2 because he doesn't seem like he is hardcore into seeking success by way of defining himself and standing out from the crowd.

Instinctual variants. You can't deny Jensen gives off a raw sexual energy. Sx types tend to do this without trying. And sp, just because he doesn't tend to associate with the whole "scene" and keeps his private life to himself.

That was kinda hard. Now that that's done with, I can return to staring at my TV screen.

That's what she said ;)


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  2. I recently listened him and Jared talking about shooting 'The French Mistake' episode and I noticed he seems like he doesn't want to be there. His energy does not match Jared's. He seems drained by just being there with people around him. I am myself an introvert and I know how hard is to be asked questions surrounded with room full of people. Excellent article by the way :)