Friday, February 27, 2015

Enneagram Music

Thought I'd try something a little different. Usually I talk about MBTI but Enneagram is pretty cool stuff too. So I'm gonna talk about that.

I'm not as well versed on Enneagram, but I think having a combo of Se (reality-based) and Fi (empathy) along with social/sexual instinct makes me particularly good at figuring out people's tl;dr's. I haven't studied MBTI for very long but people tell me I'm not too shabby at this stuff. It's cuz I've been observing people all my life. All this stuff just kinda categorizes what I already know.

Sidebar, I've met several people who don't like being boxed in. This strikes me as retarded. Whether you like it or not, you are definable, and you are predictable. The very fact that you don't like being boxed in tells me you have 4 in your tritype. People hate hearing they aren't special. 16 MBTI types x 2 subtypes x (18 Enneatypes x 12 Enneatypes x 6 Enneatypes)* x 6 instinctual variants = 248,832 basic personalities; 7 billion / 248,832 = ±28,000 people on the planet with your exact personality type. So yeah, you're not special.

Now that I got that out. This here's a list of songs that I think represent the sentiment behind all the Enneagram wings. These are all songs from my iTunes so none of them are shitty. Only the best for my ears.

Heart Triad

2w1 Needs to be a martyr.
Find Your Love - "I bet if I give all my love / Then nothing's gonna tear us apart"

2w3 Needs to be recognized for being needed.
Just A Friend - "I can be your fantasy / But you say I'm just a friend"

3w2 Needs everyone to see them succeed/look good, needs approval.
Look At Me Now - "Look at me now, look at me now / Oh, I'm getting paper"

3w4 Needs to succeed/look good by standing out from everyone else.
Rock Star - "You can't be me / I'm a rock star / I'm rhyming on the top of a cop car"

4w3 Needs to be better than others by being unique/special.
Only Girl (In The World) - "Want you to make me feel / Like I'm the only girl in the world"

4w5 Needs to figure out/define self separate from everyone else.
The Real Slim Shady - "I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady / All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating"

Head Triad

5w4 Needs to understand/define the world in terms of/in relation to themselves.
Love Is A Losing Game - "Though I battle blind / Love is a fate resigned"

5w6 Needs to understand how to operate (in) the outside world.
Function - "I'm out here tryna function, out here tryna function / Don't talk to me bitch if we ain't fuckin'"

6w5 Needs to know all risks and figure out the truth about any given situation.
Patiently Waiting - "If I get shot today my phone'll stop ringing again / These industry niggas ain't friends, they know how to pretend"

6w7 Needs to fit in, needs loyalty.
Only - "Bad bitches who I fuck with, mad bitches we don't fuck with"

7w6 Needs to experience new things with others.
Doses And Mimosas - "Crying when you're by yourself / Cause of what they think / About you / Makes time go slow"

7w8 Needs to get the most out of life on their terms.
Primadonna Girl - "All I ever wanted was the world / I can't help that I need it all"

Body Triad

8w7 Needs to aggressively take what they want.
Not For Long - "You will be mine / Even if you're somebody else's / But not for long"

8w9 Needs to prevent others from getting in the way of what they want.
All Me - "Came up, that's all me / Stay true, that's all me / No help, that's all me"

9w8 Needs to prevent others from disrupting their chill.
Day 'n' Nite - "He seems alive though he is feeling blue / The sun is shining man he's super cool"

9w1 Needs to live without conflict by being a good person.
Bad Religion - "'If it brings me to my knees / It's a bad religion"

1w9 Needs to figure out/live by what's right and wrong.
Only God Can Judge Me - "For instance say a playa hatin' mark is out to kill ya / Would you be wrong, for buckin' a nigga to the pavement?"

1w2 Needs to act like a saint.
I Would - "Yeah, it's not about what I want / It's all about what you need"

That's it. Just a little intro to another personality typing system. Hope you enjoyed my excellent taste in music. 'Til next time, bitches.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hot Guy MBTI: Cody Simpson

Finally. It's about time for another one of these. I told you guys I'm running out though so this might be one of the last ones. Unless you know, you want to inform me of some hot guys I haven't heard of. For science.

Cody Simpson. Does that name ring a bell? I'm guessing no. Unless you're one of the hundreds of teenagers who ended up here after finding my post on Cameron Dallas (my most viewed post by the way, thanks). Cody Simpson was signed around the same time as Justin Bieber and he's like a year younger. And from Australia. Man, why are there so many hot people from Australia? That one's on the top of my list once I get a private jet.


Surprise. Don't get me wrong, I do not discriminate when it comes to guys. Hot is hot. But I'm sorry, ESFPs are just natural born hotties. For every one hot guy out there who is another (non-SP) type, there is no less than one ESFP who is as hot as him. This is just a fact.


I'm gonna be honest, Cody is not my type exactly. He has kind of a different looking face. It takes some getting used to. It's like, the rest of the stuff is on point but then he has that really Grecian facial structure and it throws me off. Anyway.

What sucks about these mellow surfer types is their personalities are really fucking hard to read. I mean, the SP (Se) part is usually pretty obvious. If you wanna pick out the SPs in class you look for everyone with DGAF face. "But doesn't everyone have DGAF face in school?" No. NTs have the I'm-smarter-than-you face, NFs have not-present-in-this-reality face, and SJs are the only ones doing what they're supposed to do.

Where was I? Oh right. Here are a couple interviews of him in chill Se mode.

I picked these ones in particular because they're about a sore subject (dating a Kardashian) and people reveal their character more when they're put in a tough spot. Yet here Cody is just taking it like a champ. He is somewhat reserved for an ESFP. I think the reason for that is because we do still have introverted feeling, so when it comes to feelings talk we like to keep that to ourselves. Also see the enneagram stuff at the bottom.

If you're still doubting he's a Se dom, I'll just leave this here:

So...that's on my blog now.


Lemme think of how I'm gonna explain this part. So, at this point the options are ESTP and ESFP. And, basically, he's not ESTP. Put simply, he doesn't have that win-at-all-costs spirit to him. Not all ESTPs are in your face with that stuff but you can still see it under the surface. They want action, they want their way. ESFPs are just softer. Man, fuck, just read my ESFP vs. ESTP post and you tell me which one best matches the person in the interviews.

If you want an example of an ESTP male pop star, you're looking at an Adam Levine type. His music is Fi because that's what sells. But he's got that jerky aura to him, like if you met him you know he'd be an asshole. Justin Bieber may act like an asshole, but in interviews he comes across pretty sweet and Feeler-y like Cody. ESFPs are defensive assholes, and ESTPs are offensive assholes. There we go, that works.


9w8 7w6 3w2 so/sx
973 - The Facilitator. Brings people together, dynamic and likeable. Sociable, ambitious, friendly and helpful. source

Cody seems like one of those rare(r) ESFP 9s. He's so laid-back, it doesn't seem like anything affects him whatsoever. I think he'd be perfectly happy working at Dairy Queen. Or whatever the Aussie equivalent is. He seems pretty grounded in reality though, none of that anxious idealism that comes with 9w1. 9's are more reserved since they don't have any actual opinions. Just kidding. Sort of.

The next number's hard, but I'm gonna go with 7w6 just because a) he's an ESFP and b) 7's don't really have too much direction. They're kind of like 9 that way, they just take whatever life offers them and run with it. 6w7 is possible. 7w6 is more toned-down than 7w8. You can't ignore a 7w8.

3 because he is, after all, a pretty boy pop star with a six-pack. He doesn't seem narcissistic enough to have it higher in his tritype. No apparent 4 identity issues. 3w2 it is.

Social/sexual is your basic pop star variant. Connecting with people (sx) on a broad yet shallow level (so).

Okie dokie then. That's all. Have a nice day.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hot Guy MBTI: Aaron Paul

Guys I made a big boo-boo. This is a re-post of a post I made in January. I originally typed Aaron Paul as something else but didn't take the time to actually watch any interviews with him. LEARN from my mistakes - this is not how you type people! You have to watch them. This is what happens when I don't go with my gut. Anyway, on with the re-typing.

Today's hot guy is from one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and it should be yours too if you have any taste whatsoever. You probably know him better as Jesse Pinkman than as Aaron Paul.

Please yes


Seriously though, what is it with all these sexy ESFPs?

"But I thought you said he was the complete opposite-" Yes. ESFPs are varied creatures. There are bubbly ESFPs, there are badass ESFPs, there are jerk ESFPs, there are scholarly ESFPs... These are all official subtypes, just so you know. Aaron is a chill ESFP in real life and plays a badass ESFP on Breaking Bad.


This guy...

You wanna know why Jesse - um, Aaron... makes such a good Jesse Pinkman? It's because he is Jesse Pinkman. In a sense. He's like what Jesse would be like if his life had gone a lot differently. This is Aaron Paul's AMA on Reddit. You'll notice he's taken to using "bitch" a lot just like his character. As I said, they're one and the same. Only different. You probably won't find a Fe-dom using that without including some version of a "sorry" at the end of every comment.

Here, alas, is an interview with Aaron Paul - an hour long mind you, so we get a good idea of who this guy is, along with how he interacts with others:

Notice Aaron doesn't really take the lead on answering questions, he's more there to have a good time. I'm thinking Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan are ESTJ and ENTJ respectively, so they're good at commandeering the conversation. Aaron in contrast is a lot more relaxed, friendly, and in the moment. When he does talk, it's usually to interject and go off what someone else started. He strays from the topic more and livens things up.

Aaron's mentioned he is especially attracted to "edgy, intense, dark films that just grab you by the throat". He's into stuff that gives him an adrenaline rush. You likely won't hear any of that coming out of an SJ's mouth. Nope, this is pure SP. Se craves stuff that makes an impact.

Finally, not to toot my own horn or anything but uh... Anyone who I've found just drop-dead, wow you are a gift to planet earth, attractive... Pretty much has Se in their stack somewhere. Se is an attractive function. It makes you take care of your appearance. Not to mention the fact that people tend to be attracted to others in their own quadra (for me, ESFP, ISFP, ENTJ, INTJ (I other quadra would take them :( )).


You may have noticed that Aaron is an extremely devoted husband. To say he fawns over his wife is an understatement. If you haven't noticed this, I'm guessing you've literally never seen Aaron talk on TV ever.

Fi loves to express itself. Aaron talks about how much he adores his wife every chance he gets. You won't catch an ExTx doing this kinda thing.

Seriously. Every, chance.

Jealous? A little...

Aaron is also amazingly loyal to his fans. Thanks to bad experiences with meeting his icons when he moved to Hollywood, Aaron has vowed to treat all his fans with respect and gratitude. Get this, he actually gets their phone numbers sometimes and calls them. He doesn't even get upset when they camp outside his house. Awww. Fi is known for its one-on-one, deep level of empathy. It's able to project its perceived emotions onto others (Fe does the opposite). In other words he treats his fans (and everyone else) as he wants to be treated.


Haha. This is not gonna be accurate but this is my blog and I get to say what I want. So here is my guess based on limited info and the general vibe I get.

7w6 2w3 9w8 sx/so
729 - The Harmoniser. Gentle hearted, innovative and helpful. Seeks harmony with sense of humour whilst retaining ability to inspire. source

Aaron seems pretty balanced between 7 and 6. I'm pretty sure about all the types above but I'm not 100 on the order. Anyway, 7w6 is pretty laid-back and fun-loving, and easy to get along with. They like people and they like having a good time. They like experiencing new things, and 7 is pretty standard for ESFP. It's kind of an anything-goes type.

Like I said before, Aaron loves his wife uber much. He seems very others-oriented rather than self-oriented, which is more 3/4ish. He definitely has a drive for success though, which is what the 3 wing is.

And 9w8, seems like lots of people I type end up having this. It makes for a relaxed yet assertive personality. It just kind of underlies the other types. Is that a proper sentence? Whatever.

Sx/so mainly because of how absolutely attached he is to his wife. Tells me he is very into the one-on-one connections. Social second because he is, after all, an ESFP, and he doesn't seem reclusive enough to be self-pres.

That's all I got, bitches.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Letter Typing

People who have no idea what MBTI is are gonna get completely the wrong impression from this title. Heh.

Newbies to MBTI like to type people by letters. It's simple, and it's what the actual MBTI association advocates. Then once they get the hang of it, they start hanging out in the online MBTI communities and get told that everything they're doing is wrong and they need to go by the functions cuz typing by letters is ignorant.

I've been interested in this stuff for like...half a year now. Not too long but I don't think MBTI is hard to get the hang of. It's just like applying categorizations to people you already know. And after going from letters to functions and seeing all the errors in logic people (read: N types) make by trying to turn personalities into this weird, abstract Ti Ni whatever shit*... I think there is a lot more validity to letter typing than people give it credit for. But I still think it's a good phase to go through, learning the functions, just so you know what interacts with what and how it manifests and all that shit.

*People are not that complicated. They just like to think they are. (Ironically it is the same Intuitives who call Sensors close-minded, that box themselves in with strict definitions of functions.)

Extroversion vs. Introversion

Gwen Stefani (ESFP) and Pharrell (ISFP)

I'm just gonna jump right into it. If you can't figure out where I was going with the intro then you aren't smart enough to read further.

Main difference
One talks and sometimes listens, the other listens and sometimes talks

More stuff
Extroverts maintain eye contact more while talking. They speak, then think, then speak, and often backtrack. They generally seem more engaged in the conversation. More gestures, more facial expression, more excitability, more vocal variation.

Introverts have softer voices. They're more modest in speech. They hold themselves back in conversation and in general. They seem more serious, and have more tendency toward anxiety. Often more awkward than their E counterparts.

Not exactly a myth, but a common one is extroverts can spend longer times with people, or gain energy around people versus losing it. This is mostly true, but there are a number of people who don't fit this, and social orientation exists on a scale. Exceptions include ExTx's who sometimes just don't like people very much and spend more time alone, and ExFPs (usually ENFPs) who are Fi subtype and "wear out" (for lack of better word) over the course of conversation. You rarely find an introverted ExFJ unless they're depressed.

Sensing vs. Intuition

Seth Rogen (INTP) and Snoop Dogg (ISTP)

Main difference
One is realistic, the other is theoretical

More stuff
Sensors talk about real stuff. What's going on now, what happened, who's doing what/who, news/pop culture, current stuff. They have a direct style of communicating and say things in clear terms. Sensors use common sense and don't trust anything they can't see for themselves.

Intuitives talk about what could or should or might be. Underlying patterns, implications, meanings. They have an indirect style of communicating, meaning they don't really get to the point, they just allude to it or imply it. Intuitives rely on ideas and the potential that things are true in theory. They are not as connected to reality as it currently exists. They'll always argue that last point because their hazy version of reality is all they'll ever know.

Sensors are less intelligent. Hopefully I don't have to explain this. Sensors don't make up 70% of the population because they're stupid. This idea mostly comes from angsty Intuitives who felt bullied or excluded by Sensors in high school and want something they can use against them. Yeah, no elaboration needed here. Anyone who believes this is worthless trying to convince otherwise.

Feeling vs. Thinking

Adam Levine (ESTP) and Katy Perry (ESFP)

Main difference
One prioritizes values, the other prioritizes logic

Other stuff
Feelers go by what feels consistent with their values/morals. Values are ultimately rooted in either social harmony/equality (Fe) or being true to oneself (Fi). They are more open about their personal lives. Overall they seem warmer. Not comfortable with conflict. Feelers strive for happiness.

Thinkers are rational above all. Feelers think they are. They're not. They'll do what makes themselves/others happy before they do the most logical thing. Thinkers come off as somewhat cold or unfeeling (surprise). Their feelings don't get hurt as easily. More willing to debate/argue/piss people off (intentionally or not). Thinkers strive for success.

Thinkers are smarter. Obvious stereotype is obvious.

Perceiving vs. Judging

Christina Aguilera (ISFP) and Beyonce (ISFJ)

Most MBTI people would probably have no problem with what I've said up to this point. When it comes to P vs J though, everyone seems to get their panties in a twist. "There's no difference between P and J! You have to go by the functions! J and P just tell you what functions they use!" They exclaim. Wrong again. There are some distinct differences between P and J types.

Main difference
One is Type A, the other is Type B

More stuff
What do I mean by Type A and Type B? Type A is the planner. The get-shit-done-r. This, of course, is the Judger. Not proceeding without direction or a goal. A situation where everything is stable and in working order is where they thrive. They know how to manage and assign duties. Things get done in a step-by-step fashion. They speak in an assured, intentional manner and are less prone to tripping over their words. Judgers are good at preparing. Tendency toward dichotomies: things are right or wrong, black or white, acceptable or unacceptable.

Type B does not get much credit in pop culture. They're seen as laid-back and go-with-the-flow. Which is true but there's more. Perceivers thrives on instability. They're the quick thinkers (N) or reactors (S). They slowly die in repetitive, predictable environments. They're the type who can't won't hold down a job for very long. They tend to like being independent contractors and choosing their own hours. They do their best work through improvising. They speak quickly and choppily, and are more likely to use lots of filler words or ramble. Perceivers are good at handling the unexpected. See things on a spectrum; nothing is good or bad, everything is relative.

Judgers are organized and Perceivers are messy. Anyone can be messy or neat for any reason. I, for example, like my space to look appealing and having a mess puts me in a bad mood. My J dad is a packrat who seriously needs help, but he is very stubborn methodical, or mentally organized.

I'll add more to these later if I think of more stuff. This is all I got for now. But yeah, typing by letters is not as unreliable as it's made out to be. It gives you a good basis for what someone might be, and you can always reassess their type later once you get a better idea of how types look in reality. Don't live and die by MBTI.

As always, I don't know how to write interesting conclusions, so here's a picture of Justin Bieber's latest poor choices in hairstyling. Someone really needs to put a stop to this:

This is what happens when you have too many enablers