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An Analysis of Justin Bieber

Oh I know you guys love how much I bring up Justin Bieber so I'm here to tell you more about him.

In the past two days someone gave me Justin's Never Say Never DVD and someone else gave me this month's issue of Men's Health with him on the cover:

It's like people just associate me with Justin Bieber. They see him they think of me. I am that girl who likes Justin Bieber. I really don't like him that much. I think I just identify with him so I reference him a lot. My friend told me we're pretty much the same person. I'm not gonna argue with that. In fact I'm here to tell you why, in enneagram terms, because the article in here reveals a lot about him in just a few words. There's one minor difference between us though, minor but significant. It's been something I've been for lack of better terms "struggling with" lately in terms of figuring out my identity (that's a hint btw).

Justin's Enneagram

I'm going to explain his personality in terms of numbers. This should be fun. So, here is the final verdict on Justin Bieber's enneagram:

7w8 3w4 8w9 so/sx (ESFP)

And here's mine for reference: 7w8 4w3 8w9 so/sx (ESFP). So my friend is not completely off base.

Hey girl, you're just my type ;)

First I'll show you how I arrived at this with quotes from the article.

"It's funny, I still a kid. I just still feel young. I don't feel like I'm almost 21."

"Chugging Red Bulls. Me and this guy. Like, chugging eight Red Bulls for fun."

"There's a part of me that I don't ever want to grow up. I want to always have that sense of purity inside of me where I don't...I don't want to lose that sense of purity."

Does several impressions.

"Maybe that's a cover-up for me not being tough. Like the tattoos and stuff? Maybe that's like a cover for me being a softy."

Admires and takes career cues from Michael Jackson.

"I'm a perfectionist too. It has to do maybe with, before, probably being accepted. You know, maybe people would like me if I was good at things. But then I'm also really just competitive and I like to win. I wasn't fit for school. They make it so everyone's the same and I was so different and creative."

("You're a nonconformist.") "Yeah. I've always been different, and I haven't been afraid to be different."

"I do aspire to be a class act."

"Wait, wait, do you think I'm being authentic right now?"

Says he beat up two of his bullies in 6th grade. "I was a pit bull. I was small, but I could hold my own."

Story about how he brought a flashlight to a club and scanned the girls and held it on the ones he liked for his bodyguards to go fetch them. "There was a minute where I abused that. Used my power."

No quotes for this, just listen to his songs. Compare to Miley Cyrus who is ESFP sx/so, you'll see a difference in intensity (sx). The songs are all ultimately about sx connections but from a generalized so perspective.

7s about that good-times life

Now for the boring explanation. If you don't wanna read it the tl;dr is "I'm right."

7 in general is about new experiences and needing constant stimulation. 7w8 is more independent and assertive than 7w6 who is more focused on group mentality and safety. 7 needs to be happy. They will do anything to escape negative feelings. This is why they seem constantly on the go, always "on". It's also why they seem immature and eternally young, which is what the first and third quote are. As I said, they'll do anything just for the experience. Just cuz it's fun. That's the Red Bull quote. Along with pretty much everything else he does.

The last quote is a bit trickier. 7s are often multi-talented. This is because they're very adept at mirroring, or watching someone do something and emulating it themselves. They also have a conversational style of anecdotes and humor. So this manifests as him randomly going in and out of character during conversation. This mirroring is confused with 3's wanting to project an image, especially when combined with so instinct. Nope, all different things.

3: Am I thugging? This is what you guys do, right?

Aha, so this is the part where we differ. 3w4 and 4w3 are very similar in that both have an internal (4) and external (3) identity battle going on. Both have an image to maintain. The main difference being that 3w4s have an external, societally-chosen image that they confuse with their own authentic image. And 4w3s have an internally-chosen image that they try to adapt to societal standards without compromising it. Yes that's right kids I'm part 4. I have a mild case of special snowflake syndrome and I keep it hidden because I want you guys to like me. So in a way we are mirror images of each other. Each has what the other wants. Here's the difference in tritype terms:

738 - The Trailblazer. Creative and focused leader. Likes trying new things, finding new and fun pathways. 
748 - The Originator. Flamboyant, cutting edge, first to see things, needs to get message out. Follows own muse, original and immovable.

Now that that's out of the way. First quote. Justin is looking for a societal explanation for his 4 identity. He knows the 3 image he wants to project but he doesn't actually know the 4 meaning behind the image. Second, identifies with (4) one of the most successful (3) pop stars of all time. He has a concrete image he models himself after. 4w3 doesn't do this so much as take random traits of people's identities that they admire, people who they personally deem "successful" (3) at being authentic (4), and "introject" them - basically add them on to their external personality (3). Bitch. See what I did there.

3w4 needs success and needs to win. They also need to be accepted for who they are (4) but that's second on the priority list. 3w4s have a definite external image that they confuse with their internal image. They need to tell you they're authentic and you need to confirm it to validate their identity or else something got lost in translation (see: tattoo quote). They didn't interpret their outside 3 identity correctly. What's a nicer way to say that... Success is their identity, and so is public approval. They need to stand out and succeed by being their own unique version of a pre-made role in society (Justin's role = teen heartthrob). If that is accomplished, they're being true to themselves. 4w3 won't sacrifice identity for success but 3w4 will assume a new identity because success is the end goal (their "true" identity).

8s never say never...

The last number in the tritype doesn't have a whole lot of influence. It only visibly comes out during times of high emotion. It just gives a backbone for how the other types manifest.

8w7 and 8w9 are like the active and passive reactors. They both assert dominance. One actively looks for new things/people/experiences to dominate (8w7), while one is more grounded and only becomes aggressive when people/things threaten them (8w9). Such is the case with the bullying.

As for the flashlight situation. The last number is not always used in a healthy way, it's more like an all-or-nothing version of it. From my experience. Note I am not well-versed in tritype theory, I'm explaining this from how I experience it and expect another person very similar to me would as well. So flashlight girls. When a type is unhealthy they exhibit unhealthy behaviors. Naturally. The unhealthy behaviors of an 8 include abuse of power, intimidation, aggressiveness, manipulation, insensitivity... getting the picture? As I said, healthy 8w9s will only go on the attack when they're being threatened, like the bully incident. And all the incidents with him and the paparazzi.

So there. Justin Bieber and I are the same except I am more special and he is a product. But, 3s still win at the end of the day. Hey, at least I'm not a sell-out. I guess.

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