Saturday, January 17, 2015


Oh the difference a letter can make.

Hi kids. Today we're gonna talk about how to distinguish ESFPs from ESTPs and vice versa. Though they're only one letter different, they have opposite judging functions in opposite places. ESFP = Se Fi Te Ni, and ESTP = Se Ti Fe Ni. Since their first extroverted functions are the same (and dominant), they come across pretty similar. Get to know them though, and after a while you'll see they're prettttty, pretttty, prettttty different. Maybe not that different. But still. Different enough.

Fi-Te vs. Ti-Fe
Eminem (ISTP) and Rihanna (ISFP)

ESFP and ESTP share Se and Ni but have different judging functions. Here's a little intro to both:

Fi-Te Focused on self expression. Uses external logic to support internal values/belief system, prioritizing value judgments. Treats others as different versions of themselves. Treats others as others treat them, without regard for social politics.

Ti-Fe Gets to the core logical essence of things. Has a good grasp on the mechanics behind why things work and how they operate. Either uses external feeling in an opportunistic sense, or actively opposes social niceties and intentionally riles people for a reaction.

These characteristics will be more pronounced in dominant-inferior positions but they still generally hold. By now you should have a feel for which type you're dealing with, but if not, I guess I'll elaborate more.

ESFP: The Performer

As you can hopefully read, ESFP is called the Performer. I'd say it fits pretty well. Ask an ESFP if they love entertaining people and they will no doubt say yes. They usually are pretty funny for this reason. That doesn't mean all of us perform for a living. There aren't nearly enough openings for ~10% of the population to do that. Nor does it mean all performers are ESFP. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this but I never know who reads any of this shit.

ESFPs are more bent on having a defined, unique identity than ESTPs, thanks to Fi. They express themselves through Se, which you'll see in their appearance, clothes, body language, word choice, and actions. And ESFPs tend to come off a bit nicer than ESTPs. While ESTPs have Fe, it's their tertiary function. Tertiary functions are used on an as-needed basis and there is some animosity toward them. ESTPs know how to charm the pants off someone, but in a disingenuous way. ESFPs don't exactly know how but they end up doing so anyway, thanks to the deep connection Fi makes.

ESTP: The Doer

ESTP is known as the Doer. Both of these names sound sexual. SExual. Heh. Yes, so. ESTP has a bit of a tougher attitude than ESFP. Se is pretty self-protective as it is, but combined with Ti it makes for a very strong, take-no-prisoner personality. And compared to ESFP, their personality is not as silly. They can be playful but it's usually more rowdy than cute. They've also got quite a sense of humor, but again it's more balls-to-the-wall compared to ESFP slapstick.

Oh right, the Doer part. ESTPs are all about making stuff happen. Rules are more like suggestions. They will bend them and have an easier time manipulating people to get what they want than the ESFP, whose Fi code usually prevents them from being okay with this unless they don't respect the person. Ti can read between the lines to understand why the rules are there, and skirt them using Fe social skills. If ESFPs have no problem acting like "bitches", ESTPs have even less of one. You know that phrase, "I'd rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission"? Yeah that's from an ESTP. No I don't have a fucking source, just trust me.

So. All that said. You should be able to tell the difference between ESFP and ESTP by now. If not, I don't know what else to tell you. Try getting out more? (:

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