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Hot Guy MBTI: Jared Padalecki

I'd say it's about time for another one of these. So I'm still pretty obsessed with Supernatural. I'm definitely a Dean girl but after a few seasons I can definitely see the appeal of Sammy boy. He's hot in that nice guy way. So, today's hot guy is none other than Jared Padalecki...



I know, I know. Another hot ESFP? It's just not fair.

Jared is one of the more low-key ESFPs in the media. People have this idea that ESFPs are wild party animals. ESFP in reality is actually a pretty laid-back personality type. They are very good at blending in and adapting to new situations (it's what Se does). Hence a lot of ESFPs are mistyped, usually by intuitives who think ESFPs can't possibly be, you know, normal people who like to have a bit of fun.

Aww, look at the little 6'4" cutie pie


Let's see, how do I explain this one. I'm gonna start off with some interviews to show you instead of tell you because that's usually how I type. It's not what you say but how you say it. Especially when it comes to Sensors.

This first interview is with baby Jared in 2001, when he first came on TV:

Sensors and Intuitives communicate differently. Hopefully by now you've noticed this. Sensors, as I've said before, are very straightforward and to-the-point when they speak. They don't go off on tangents, they don't use abstract language or metaphors, though they may use analogies. Extroverted Sensors in particular use a lot of hand gestures to convey what they're saying. And Se is very comfortable talking to an audience as it's very good at improvising. The stage is the SP's natural habitat. All of this can be seen in the video.

Here's another one that's more recent, from 2007. This one's interesting because he's being interviewed with Paris Hilton, an ISFP. "What?? Paris Hilton ain't no damn introvert!" Yeah actually, she definitely is. Watch this vid and tell me she doesn't come off as closed-off and guarded compared to Jared:

Again Jared displays all the telltale signs of extroverted Sensor communication. Compare this to a Ne-dom like Jennifer Aniston, who naturally gives off an awkward, nervous energy when being interviewed in spite of being an extrovert.

A less definitive indicator of Se: Jared's said he is "a little self-conscious" of his body and clearly takes good care of it. Or maybe I just wanted to include this picture in my post:

I'll take the one with the towel

Finally, like his SP co-star, Jared's personality has a definite physicality to it, which makes for great stage presence. This is not a for-sure indicator of Se either but it definitely points in that direction, as Se is all about being a part of your physical environment and manipulating it.

Jeans, beanie, T-shirt and sandals - a true Californian


This is the more obvious function I see in Jared. Makes sense since development-wise, he is at the tail end of his auxiliary-function stage.

Jared seems like an easygoing guy but he is still quite opinionated. If you follow him on Twitter, you're probably familiar with quite a few "controversial" tweets he's "published" and gotten in trouble for. See hyahhyah, and hyah.

"Did I say that? No see what I meant was..."

Since ESFPs are pretty outspoken they have a tendency toward foot-in-mouth syndrome. Now obviously sassy remarks are not exclusive to Fi, but there is for sure a pattern of xSFPs unintentionally starting drama by voicing their opinions, online or otherwise. Fe is by no means immune to drama-starting, but they do it in a more in a snide, indirect manner in an attempt to save face. Like subtweeting.

Overall Jared just doesn't have that Ti hardness in his personality. He's a silly dude at heart. Granted there are some ESFPs who do embody something like it (see Nicki Minaj), but it's usually more a product of their environment than their natural tendency.

Dat irresistible smile


Fuck if I know. Here's my slightly informed guess.

9w8 7w6 2w3 so/sx
972 - The Inspirer. Peace seeking and innovative. Seeks to help through gentle inspiration and positive outlook. source

Or some combo thereof.

It's really hard to pull an in-depth explanation out of my ass but I'll try anyway since I haven't written any new stuff for a week.

9w8 goes with the flow. It's more of an introverted type. Not too outlandish but not afraid to stand up for itself either. A 9w8 ESFP will be more closed off than your typical ESFP 3 or 7.

7w6 because he still has that ESFP spontaneity and need for excitement. He seems more group-oriented 6ish than independent 8ish.

Out of all the heart types, 2 seems most likely but it doesn't seem that dominant. 2 is others-oriented and Fi is pretty independent. Jared doesn't seem much different from typical Fi users. His image-consciousness leads me to believe 2w3.

So/sx. Obvious. He's clearly socially oriented in his interactions with others. He doesn't lead with the same sx intensity as his costar Jensen but it's still there.

Alright. Phew. Done. Back to Netflix.

I watch it for the plot... really.

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