Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I think it's long past time I wrote about this, if only to separate myself from my annoying quirky intuitive "counterpart." It strikes me as bizarre that people can't tell the difference between ESFP and ENFP since I definitely can, but I guess there's an obvious reason for that.

For starters, ESFP = Se Fi Te Ni, and ENFP = Ne Fi Te Si. We're both extroverted perceivers who favor Fi. That's...pretty much where the similarities end. Let me start with the most obvious difference.

Edit: I should probably mention that Lil Wayne is not an ENFP but a rare ISTP 4. So just ignore that part of what I wrote.

Se-Ni vs. Ne-Si
Lil Wayne (ENFP) and Justin Bieber (ESFP)

As I said, both ESFP and ENFP have Fi and Te but their perceiving functions are opposite, and in the opposite place. What's the difference between these two pairs? Uh, a fuckton but for starters...

Se-Ni Focused on reality. Experiences the world in its rawest form and from there compiles an internal perspective only understandable to them. Prioritizes what works rather than what might work. Physically inclined and able to improvise. Highly in tune with surroundings and quick to react. Does not prefer introspection except when necessary. Primarily focused on the present and immediate future, secondarily focused on long-term thinking.

Ne-Si Focused on possibilities. Experiences the world in a metaphorical way, as it might or could be. Not directly in tune with surroundings. Prioritizes innovation over what has worked in the past. Better at mental/verbal improvisation. Physical coordination does not come naturally or easily. Prefers introspection over being fully present in their environment. Primarily focused on the future potential of the present, secondarily focused on the past.

Again these characteristics will be less pronounced in auxiliary-tertiary positions but they still generally hold. Still don't know what type you're dealing with? Then fucking read further.

ESFP: The Performer

I'm just gonna copy the intro for the ESTP post since it's already pretty solid. As you can hopefully read, ESFP is called the Performer. I'd say it fits pretty well. Ask an ESFP if they love entertaining people and they will no doubt say yes. They usually are pretty funny for this reason. That doesn't mean all of us perform for a living. There aren't nearly enough openings for ~10% of the population to do that. Nor does it mean all performers are ESFP. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this but I never know who reads any of this shit.

ESFPs are more visually expressive. Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus - all ESFPs, all use bright colors and bold fashion statements to get their message across. Fi is expressed through Se, in other words. Being Realists, ESFPs are more down-to-earth and blunt in their speech and thought patterns. Se dominance compels them to take full advantage of the physical environment and manipulate it in their favor. It also means ESFPs are very physical creatures in general, making them keenly aware of their physical desires. The combo of Se and Fi gives xSFPs a sexual aura to them. Realism makes the ESFPs more grounded mood-wise, so they often give off a "cool kid" vibe.

ENFP: The Inspirer

ENFP is known as the Inspirer. Yawn. They are also known as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Basically a random quirky fairy type who goes around spreading cheer and motivating people to follow their dreams (hence, Inspirer). Not all ENFPs are this extreme but I've yet to meet one who doesn't at least somewhat mirror this archetype. ENFPs come off a lot more Feeler-y and sensitive than ESFPs, because they are. Their sense of humor is also more "out there", compared to ESFP whose style is pretty in-your-face.

ENFPs are more verbally expressive. Ne observations are filtered through a Fi lens. Thanks to Ne, ENFPs are more scattered and unpredictable in thought processes. Because of this, the intent behind their actions can be hard to follow. Basically they do a lot of random shit. Idea-driven Ne plus Fi gives off a somewhat emotionally intense aura, one that demands reciprocation. Being Idealists (NF), ENFPs prioritize their vision of what reality should be, over reality itself. So when the ideal reality in their head doesn't match the actual reality outside, they get depressed, and vice versa. The pro/con of this naturally is that the NF mood scale is wider in range than that of an SP - higher highs, lower lows.

Alrighty. No more confusing ESFPs with ENFPs. One last rule of thumb if all else fails: figure out which part of them is crazier, what comes out of their mouth (NF) or their lifestyle (SP).